The Common Man Suffers Again…

Anna Sad and The Country Going Mad…

Anna Sentenced to Tihar Jail for 7 days and hours after the arrest was released ..
All he did was a peaceful protest..
The Country’s fuming over his arrest and the fire is now spreading to all states
I think this movement is now not going to let any politician sit easily..
India’s Economy is still having its Sovereign Rating but if The Government keeps acting erratic, how will the growth be stable ?
The Government needs to change itself radically for The Lokpal Bill to be effective ..
Right now and every time such chaos happens in the country like the Mumbai Blasts, Corruption Acts etc. then the Common man always has to suffer and live with these facts for his life..
Please, Act People and act responsible and show how strong the public can be at such times because now its the most critical time to act…
If we Got our 1st Independence on 15th August 1947.. then let this movement lead to our 2nd Independence after 65 years..


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