Comedian Kunal Kamra Invites Politicians To Talk And This Was So Badly Needed

Comedian Kunal Kamra came out with his new set of podcasts called Shut Up Ya Kunal and it is everything the country's politics needs. Read to know.

Comedian Kunal Kamra came out with his new set of podcasts called Shut Up Ya Kunal. The podcast is unique and interesting as it features political personalities from the country representing their political party/ideology.

The whole purpose of this series of podcasts was to be more open about our discussions on politics and connecting the young generation with the ideologies directly through a way, which would actually make us watch it.

Who do they feature?

Two episodes from the podcasts are out. The first one featured Madhukeshwar Desai, Vice President of BJP Youth wing and the Second episode featured Priyanka Chaturvedi, National Spokesperson of Indian National Congress.

And both the episodes gave us a fresh idea of how political interviews can also go through in a saner and amusing manner, with a more positive yet poised political stand.

What is it? And why do we need more of it?

The podcasts have brought in a new kind of political interviews where the criticisms are discussed with a flair of humour. In both the episodes, the politicians took the humour in a heartening way and replied to the questions in a graceful manner which the Indian politics much deserves today.

Unlike the social media wars happening over different political ideologies and trolls being made to defame and entertain, the projection here was seen to be in a contrast.

We saw how the politicians were very patient with the questions and answered with an appropriate approach. Though the answers may not be justifying to the people of the opposite ideologies, but the handling of the questions was exactly what we call being politically correct.

Kunal Kamra’s humorous quips and the snippet of funny clips from various speeches added at perfect intervals brought huge laughter and tell a lot about his capabilities as a comedian.

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Incomprehensive questions

The questions asked, though, did not satisfy some, as many raised an issue on them not being comprehensive enough. But at the same time, it is to be reminded that it wasn’t supposed to be like that. It was not supposed to be a dead face serious interview or like the Devil’s advocate, or like what Arnab wanted to know.

The podcasts in itself were aimed to connect a different audience to the politics of the country so that the distance between the logical and sane political discussions could become narrow.

Kunal Kamra’s new podcast might not be what everyone expected it to be, but it tells us everything we need to see if we just look it with that eye.

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