Every year comes with its fair share of the most bizarre and ridiculous beauty and fashion trends. This year didn’t fail to surprise us either.

Just when I thought I was finally getting over the weirdest beauty trends on various social media platforms ranging from rainbow armpits to squiggling eyebrows, not to mention nail-art with hair extensions (I know, weird!), I stumbled upon THE MOST ECCENTRIC TREND EVER while scrolling my Instagram feed – Nose Hair Extensions.

Nose Hair Extensions
See how beautiful it looks!!!

And I never asked a harder “WHY” in my life.

Nose Hair Extensions
Looks like tiny spider crawling out of her nose.

Over the ages, when women have wasted uncountable time and money on shaving every possible body part to look beautiful and presentable, beauty bloggers from the world over come up with nose hair extensions to add a new dimension to the idea of beauty.

But, it wasn’t intentional this time.

Nose Hair Extensions? How?

This quirky trend of sporting long nose hair started with a joke per se.

It all started with a pretty popular Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen who was simply playing around with her fake eyelashes when this peculiar idea struck her. She decided to stick these fake eyelashes – not to the place they very well deserve to be – but to her tip of the nose so they look like nose hair. She went on to post her picture with the supposed nose hair extensions so that her followers can have a good laugh.

Nose Hair Extensions
She’s to blame for all this madness.
Nose Hair Extensions
She did it using fake eyelashes!

Little did she know that those blind followers and beauty bloggers would make it the upcoming fashion trend.

Nose Hair Extensions
This one even added lip lashes!

So much for having a bad sense of humour.

Since then followed a series of posts by beauty bloggers around the world with these fake nose hair extensions on various social media platforms.

Nose Hair Extensions
And the trend is followed like anything

And it spread like wildfire as expected.

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What do people think of this new trend?

There are mixed reactions about this one.

Apart from the beauty aficionados who took it up and spread this idea, there are some people (thank God) who are literally grossed out by this.

They have hated this trend to such an extent that they posted hate comments on a popular beauty blogger’s video showing the tutorial to stick these in. You can have a look at the tutorial here.

Nose Hair Extensions
A Still from that video
Nose Hair Extensions
That is some Hairy business!

They even went on to make this prophecy that she would never get married and have children. (Now this is a tad too much folks!) And, ironically, she is getting married next year.

Is it just a passing trend or something real?

Intrigued by this idea of attaching fake eyelashes to your nose, I thought are there real nose hair extensions available somewhere?

Shockingly, yes.

Nose hairs extensions are totally legit! Not that I have seen them with my own eyes.

Anyway, the point is that the idea of beauty is getting really twisted these days. I don’t know when we shifted from the common notion of a definition of beauty wherein the person would at least look normal to something as queer as keeping fake nose hair.

The next thing we know, ear hair extensions will be available in all the cosmetic shops near your home!

Image Credits: Google Images

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