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When you are spending a certain amount on food, you at least expect enough that will satisfy your hunger.

But apparently, that is just not possible in Indian restaurants, especially those fast-food chains or over-expensive restaurants. Most of the places I’ve gone to serve small portions that not only don’t end my hunger but also make me feel as if I wasted my money.

See, I understand the concept of small portions in like those special 8 or 10 course meal restaurants, where you are served all these multiple courses and thus cannot possibly gorge on each individual course, unless you want to end up barfing it all back up.

But in those burger places, Subways, cafes and even some over-priced restaurants, I just don’t understand this kanjoosi or miser way of handing out food just to the barest quantity.

Often while ordering a Subway when I ask the person making it to add some of the vegetables they give me a judgemental look as if I asked them to put gold in my sandwich.

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And after huffing and puffing they will finally, very very carefully and with precision unlike anything I’ve seen, add 1-2 more small pieces of finely cut vegetable. They do it so carefully so that not even one extra piece makes it in.

Having been to countries like US and UK, I see extremely different way of handling things and almost cried tears of joy when at a cinema hall, they asked if I wanted extra butter on my popcorn and didn’t even charge extra!

And they didn’t just add a drop or two of liquid butter, oh no, that woman literally doused each and every popcorn piece in butter and I was just flabbergasted, at finally seeing what it means to get something for your money.

Here whether I order pasta, waffles, pancakes, pizza, burger or even sometimes normal Indian dishes, I almost feel like it would be better if I just ate my money or gave it to someone in need rather than waste it on the scraps I get.

It’s also extremely humiliating as a customer to get so little when you are paying so much and make you feel as if you’re not worth it.

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