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You see a problem in your life. Maybe it is working too much, creating a balance in personal and professional life, maybe it is not studying enough or on time. Maybe it’s not giving enough attention to health or taking that trip you’ve been dying to go for. 

Whatever it is, you see it and more often than not, with stars in your eyes and determination in heart, you set a goal to correct it. 

You even meticulously plan it all out, with lists, and research, alarms and more. You plan everything out in your head, that if you follow these steps, perhaps you can have a better lifestyle. 

And then, the day of starting it all comes, and… everything goes down the drain. 

Somehow, even after all that planning, you were unable to complete your goals. 

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I’ve been in this boat, one too many times and frankly, at this point, I’m just tired of not being able to complete my goals. 

Knowing you want to change things in your life but being unable to do so is the most frustrating thing ever.

It can really affect our self-esteem and will to do anything to change our lifestyle, since, after a couple of tries, it just seems pointless to even try. 

Taking that first step is the hardest, but even as hard is continuing and not deviating from the goal in mind. 

And it is much more difficult than making a colourful chart with anagrams and posting inspirational quotes. 

The only good thing though is that, after a few weeks or a month or two, once your routine is set like that, you can be sure that the journey to compelete your goals will be a much smoother one. 

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