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Getting an auto in Delhi is a big pain in the ass, especially in the summers, when it is hot and polluted out there and you just want a freaking auto. 

But what do you get when you say any place to the autowallah? 

“No”. “Humein nai pata”. “Wo bohot door hai”. “Traffic bohot hai”. 

I mean, what? Might as well carry a sign on the top of the auto with a list of pre-determined places where you can go, at least will save me the trouble of asking each and every empty auto that passes me by. 

 I can still understand those excuses such as perhaps being low on CNG, or if its evening and their shift is ending they don’t want to go on a route opposite or far from their home. 

The second one I understand, as even we all are eagerly waiting for our work day to get over and just go home and rest after the long day. 

My blood truly boils when its those idiotic ones who simply outright say no, give stupid excuses like traffic. 

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I mean, either they give us these exorbitant prices, if the fare from point A to B is just 100 rupees, they will very cleverly ask for Rs. 150 or even higher. And then say that is because of traffic or how they will not get a passenger from the destination?

I mean are you for real?

Why am I being asked to pay more just because the autowallah will not get a passenger on the way back? How is that my problem?

And then these very people are cribbing about how the cabs are taking away their jobs or how the auto fares are so little and more. 

I mean, it’s kinda their own fault right?

They would rather roam around the streets of Delhi with an empty auto, burning up the precious CNG than going by meter or simply for the right price. 

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