By Samyuktha G.

For Bollywood, college is nothing but a resort like campus with pretty girls and boys flaunting themselves in the latest fashion. And not to forget the extravagant dance contests and flamboyant parties, with no room for studies.

Reality check: real life is milestones away from reel life. Yup college is no Kjo movie.

The Mercedes dream



In movies you see the hero climbing out a Mercedes with a driver at your beck and call.

Movies make us believe that we all can be like Hrithik Roshan in K3G in his dashing red car, making their grand entrance into the college campus.

But in real life it would be considered lucky if you could manage to find a decent spot to stand in the public bus and on top of that listen to the ranting of the conductor just because you are eligible to a student pass.

Day one romance

And for all those who are expecting to find ‘the one’ on day one, well tough luck. Because there’s not going to be books falling and eyes meeting and definitely no music in the background.

There also won’t be any cupids hovering around.

In fact the whole day would be packed with orientations and class introductions and you are most likely to find the ones who would be making memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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College’s next top model



Coming to dress code, while movies show girls daunting in short skirts and boys gallivanting through the corridors in their handsome leather pants, the shocking truth is most colleges have strict dress codes or some exceptional ones also have uniform.

So make sure to go through the dress code before filling out your wardrobes.

The professors

Also professors aren’t creepy nor looking for romancing students, exceptions are always present.

On the same note, unlike professor ViruS or Viru S(ahastrabuddhe) from the 3 Idiots, teachers at college aren’t really that scary, well some can be a bit cranky but nevertheless helpful and harmless (yes you can let out that sigh of relief).

And hitting on teachers is definitely off limit, you might even be sent home packing for that.

And the forever afters

Contrary to the typical Bollywood college love story, where the hero pursues the lady with persistent stalking and the detestable flirting, but surprisingly in the end still succeeding, try that in real life and I can assure you that love is the last thing you will ever find apart from a restraining order.

So that’s the sad truth folks.

All movies do is help us to see life as we want, but not necessarily the one we have.

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