From Fidget Spinners To Stealthing With Condoms, Here Are The Top 5 Most Bizarre Trends Of 2017!

The millennial generation is pulling out all stops to prove that is the most polarizing generation of all time with these bizarre trends.

Just like every other year that passes, 2017 has witnessed some of the most bizarre trends which have been made popular by our dear millennials.

Some of these are funny, some of them are therapeutic and some are just downright disgusting.

So in order to give you your daily dose of good content, read about these top bizarre trends of this year to stay aware:

#1. The Culture Of Internet Memes And Their Sudden Booming:

We all know what they are and their power to act as a means of catharsis and therapeutic humor in the darkest of times, but internet memes have taken a whole new turn in 2017.

From Holy Memes For Religious Teens, Masala Chai Memes and Dank Memes For Lord-Knows-What-Kinda Teens, there have been thousands of pages which has pushed one of the most bizarre trends of our generation to whole new pedestal.

People don’t just look at memes as a means of humor but find relativity in them to an extent that it’s almost as funny as it is sad.

Bizarre Trends Dank Memes
Mr. President has got the dankest memes, ya filthy peasants!

The idea of socialism which has been conventionally looked down upon to mocking the feminist movement in the most cringy ways possible, internet memes have hit an all-time high peak of bizarre-ness this year.

#2. Fidget Spinners:


What the hell could possibly be that ridiculously amazing about a hand-held spinning toy that almost everybody seems to have a fidget spinner in their hand, now?

Sure, there are arguments that they have a psychologically therapeutic effect on some people who have some anxiety issues but the fact that normal people have escalated this trend to a “cool quotient” pre-requisite is problematic.

Bizarre Trends Fidget Spinners

Owning a fidget spinner is NOTHING SPECIAL. DO NOT FLAUNT IT.

#3. Vaping:

Now, this is something which is highly debatable, among the people who smoke and then those who prefer to vape.

Bizarre Trends Vaping

Just like vegetarians refer to soybean as chicken, those who vape consider it to be “Real Smoking” because vaping is not done using your typical cigarettes and makes use of electronic cigarettes or vaping devices as shown in the pic.

Either way, the world would be a better place of we just realize the dangers of smoking and act smart instead of accusing someone of being a wussy for using fake cigarettes instead of real ones.

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#4. Stealthing:

This is not just one of the most bizarre trends of this year, it’s also unarguably the most dangerous trend of the ones in this list, as well.

Stealthing is the act of removing the condom by the male during consensual sex, WITHOUT THEIR PARTNER HAVING ANY KNOWLEDGE OF IT.

Bizarre Trends Stealthing

Now, this is a matter of serious concern.

Not only does this indirectly violate the concept of “consent” or “consensual protected sex”, it causes a higher risk of STDs, UTIs and unwanted pregnancies with its complications.

Ladies, stay safe and stay alert.

#5. Rompers:

For some reason, the so-called modern-day feminization of the 21st-century male has taken one of the most bizarre trends and tried to turn it into a fashion statement.

Bizarre Trends Rompers

Honestly, I don’t think it’s serving any good purpose.

The male romper doesn’t do any justice in saying that it is a means to indulge and promote equality but rather serves as a funny attire, with all due respect to those who wear it.

And as much as you can blabber, I believe that clothing and attire cannot alone curb the society’s mindset or curb crimes like rape, harassment against women or phenomena like male chauvinism and misogyny.

So folks here was our list of the most bizarre trends of 2017!

Think you know more of such trends? Drop in the comments below and share!

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