Bengaluru City in Megapixels – A Picture Story

Bengaluru is the silicon valley of India, but things aren’t just limited to that. Like every city in our Country, it has an essence associated with it. Be it the Morning bells from a temple or the females with white flowers in their hair. Everything speaks of the kind of city Bengaluru is.

After visiting it recently, I must say that it is one of the few metropolitan cities, which still has a soul.

So here is Bengaluru city in a few pictures:

1. Bangalore has its own castle; it doesn’t have a prince though. But you can still have your princess wedding as it acts as a marriage hall.


2. The Hotels here namely Leela Palace, don’t just use the term but actually look like palaces where you can enjoy a fine dine.


3. The city doesn’t just produce a lot of computer games but also has one of India’s major football team.


4. The city like every other metropolitan has lot of malls, but not just that, all the stores are filled with Mysore Silk saree store. Shoppers alert! And below all these big stores is a huge Tibetan market for all the street shoppers.


5. The city has a lot of wall art especially near the Mount Mary College. This one is interesting as it displays one of the oldest saying in a different way, but was sadly located in one dingy corner.


6. They love their movies; you can spot the posters all around, on walls, on poles, on buses etc. Its true love! Go Tollywood!


7. One of the best bus services across the nation, here the display boards actually show the upcoming stop.


8. The city with those beautiful road signs all around the city.


9. The city with its typical sarees and those Gajras that makes every South Indian woman glow.


10. The city where police stations speak their mind and have graffiti all over their walls.


11. The city with a RED High Court that just catches your eye when you walk on those streets.


12. The city of self brewed Beer, you can find so many pubs within a small radius of M.G.Road.


13. The city has the best auto drivers ever, so many of them are Engineering Graduates.


14. Wood Art is one of the popular handicrafts, available almost everywhere.


15. The city where everyone prefers bikes over cars, so less traffic.


16. The city of Udipi hotel, all hot and delicious Masala Dosa and Bissi Belle Bhath.


Bengaluru is truly one of the calmest cities where you find character and soul all around. Even after all the rush and the fast life people have a stillness in them.

So spend some time here when you get a chance, if you like Peace and Beer both made available easily.



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