ED Collab: Balakalakaar 2016, Empowering Underprivileged Children

Balakalakaar is an initiative by AIESEC in Delhi University that aims to empower underprivileged children by giving them an opportunity to express themselves and exhibit their talent through competitions and cultural activities. True to the motto of the organization, the event significantly helps in achieving “peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential”.


Balakalakaar has been hosted multiple times in the past few years by AIESEC in Delhi University and receives overwhelming participation from volunteers and NGOs from across Delhi who come together to work for a cause. The daylong event includes an art competition, games, activities and a feast for the children.

This year, children from NGOs like Jaagriti, Prajna and the Munir Welfare Society shall participate  in the annual art competition and cultural function along with Children from the Love Care Foundation who shall also perform on a dance number on the day of the event. Womenite, an organization that works towards gender equality, shall conduct an awareness programme.


Balakalakaar aims to deliver happiness by providing the less fortunate with reasons to smile and opportunities they deserve. It is organised with the intention to give the underprivileged children the chances they have been looking for to move towards their dreams and a brighter future.

Be there at Sant Nirankari Public School, GTB Nagar to witness the magic and innocence of childhood at Balakalakaar’16!

Volunteer now to start transforming lives!

ED is proud to be their blog partners in the noble cause!

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