Bajrangi Bhaijaan – The Review

When we think of Salman Khan, we think of his action packed movies which I generally don’t prefer. However, Kabir Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan does not fall in that bracket. This movie is a typical bollywood fantasy tale with of course, a pinch of action which is a sine qua non in all Salman Khan’s movies.
However, this movie is a deep-dyed entertainer which will make you fall in love with Salman Khan’s character, the little angel-faced girl’s innocence and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s splendid sense of humour.

Little Bit About The Story –
So, long story short, this is an epic tale about a big-hearted man who helps a little mute-Pakistani girl reunite with her parents in Pakistan and it shows the kind of obstacles he faces on his journey.
This little girl is obviously without her Passport, Visa and her voice. And the way this selfless man takes care of the little girl and decides to go to Pakistan himself was something that touched my heart.


About The Characters –

Salman Khan – Salman Khan plays the character of Pawan alias Bajrangi who is a diehard Bajrangbali devotee who even folds his hands and bows down in front of every monkey he comes across. He is a man of morals and ethics who has failed 10 times because he does not appreciate the idea of cheating and passing the exams. Turns out, he is not good in studies and wrestling, the two fields in which his father wanted him to excel in.

Bajrangi is one kind hearted man who just wants to help everybody and that is something which made him help this girl reunite with her parents in Pakistan.

Well, in my opinion, the superhuman Salman Khan has done full justice to this role and I’m pretty sure, no other actor could have done a better job than this superstar.

Harshaali Malhotra –
This angel-faced little girl plays the role of the 6 year old mute Pakistani girl. Although, she does not have the ability to speak but she definitely has the ability to charm everyone. This epitome of cuteness will make your heart melt and it surprises me how a 6 year old can do such a flawless job!
Also, for me, she was the real star of the film. Shahida alias Munni is the one who brought life to the film with her cuteness and innocence!


Kareena Kapoor Khan –
Kareena plays Rasika, love interest of Salman Khan. Although, according to me, she did not have a very important role in the movie but somehow, the movie would have been incomplete without her presence as she is the one who brings colour and glamour to the movie.



Nawazuddin Siddiqui – Nawazuddin essays the role of a Pakistani journalist in the movie and his humour steals the film! He entered in the second half of the film but played a massive role in escorting Munni safely to her homeland. Also, this guy has pretty much made the second half even more interesting with his marvellous sense of humour.

I would say, nobody could have done a better job than Nawazuddin! His performance was simply impeccable!

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What’s hot –

Kabir Khan has managed to do an excellent job and he has played a key role in bringing out the best in the characters like Salman, Harshaali and Nawazuddin.

I feel that Salman Khan has given his career best performance in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and his character will make you fall in love with his innocence.

A reason to love the film even more was, Harshaali, whose cuteness was overloaded. You will certainly get smitten by her innocence.

I also feel that Kareena and Salman’s chemistry was perfect and unblemished and this is one of the finest pairings of bollywood.

Nawazuddin is as good as he always is. His dialogues are impeccable and especially the way he has managed to carry them out is something noticeable and remarkable! This person has truly stolen the show after the second half.

Talking about the cinematography, the starting scene where you are taken to the Himalyas of Kashmir was breathtaking. That is one scene where you wouldn’t want to blink even for a fraction of a second with the fear of missing something! Also, the way Old Delhi is shot is pretty amazing and spectacular too!

The best thing I liked about the movie is that it showed our neighbour in a good way which most movies based on indo-pak relations fail to do. This movie captures the relations of India and Pakistan with a soft charm.
This movie has a nouveau approach towards the cliché Indo-Pak story line.

What’s not –

When we talk about the songs, some of the songs could have been avoided and the only song which actually blends into the story is Bhardo Jholi Meri by Adnaan Sami.

Also, what I feel is that Kareena and Salman’s romance was shown a little early. And as soon as they meet, Kareena decides that she wants to marry him. I can feel the restlessness of the editor in this case.

Also, it was a little hard to digest how somebody can dare to cross the border through tunnels and wires. That is something which could be altered and made a little more realistic.

Moreover, I think Kareena’s role could have been a little more impactful and a little more interesting that what it actually is.

And lastly, if given a chance, I would change the ending as I would love to see Salman Khan handover the little girl to her parents by himself as it would have been more overwhelming and touching.

The final Verdict –

Overall, the movie is a must watch by all as it portrays the Indo-Pak relations beautifully and in a way we have never seen before. Also, this is a typical entertainer which you would want Salman Khan to do more often. And lastly, the Bajrangi-Munni bond and Nawazuddin’s comic timing will make to you want to hoot and whistle!
So as per me, this movie is a must watch specially for the people who often say Salman Khan doesn’t try different roles.

Ratings –

Star Cast – 10/10
Direction- 9.5/10
Script- 9/10
Music- 8/10
OVERALL – 9.5/10

Last Word – If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, go get them, NOW!!



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