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For one thing, I have always found the word to be peculiar. I mean, the word itself looks awkward. AWKWARD; an A, two W’s and a K in between. And It’s not even read anywhere close to the way it is written.. That can’t be a proper explanation because the English language is as clear as the water in a muddy river when taken in terms of pronunciation and phonetics. Ain’t it?


So, what does it mean to be awkward? This is one word we’ve all been using, whether we know the meaning or not. And there’s hardly anyone in and around us who wouldn’t have heard it once or twice. Since it is so common, let us just probe further into it.

My observation of people’s point of view.

1) The other day I was walking around with my friend. And we see a girl dancing out of rhythm. ” She is weird!” I said. To that my friend said; ” She is just an awkward dancer.”

2)Once, maybe it was one of my bad moods or something, I was unusually silent. My friend who had noticed this said; “You know, you make me feel awkward. With this super composed state and all?? “

3) We were giving our seniors a farewell. Most of us were teary-eyed or sad. Then this guy comes in and says, ” What is this melodrama as if these people are leaving us?”  *awkward silence*Awkward_Turtle_by_Sidoneon

Of all these instances, what I could conclude was that being awkward is based on how people perceive awkwardness to be. Some people take it be a characteristic whereas others think it as a feeling. You as a reader might have some other opinion. And still, no one demeans it.

As of now, doing something that is socially unacceptable is awkward, people creeping you out is awkwardness and constraining yourself from being natural makes you an awkwardly person. The list will continue as minds of people vary according to their individuality and principles. By this time, my point of view might have made a few people creep out, which in turn makes me awkward. Also I am sure, all this blabbering would make little difference. With the ambiguity remaining, I’d better stop this before it gets anymore awkward.

So, do you find any uncanny resemblance to your personality?? Yeah, me too ;)

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