The AIB Knockout: Bromance Vs The World

Bromance, what is it exactly? Is it the way boys act around their oldest and most trusted buddies, or is it the relationship between two guys, which is so intense, that eventually, somehow, borders onto them being termed as a couple? Well, all I know is that in a film industry like ours, true friendship is rare, almost forbidden, but amidst the jealous-negative-cunning environment, these two actors – Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor- have developed a bond so thick and comical, that now they are set to take on what the world throws at them.


Both have a pinch of youthfulness, a teaspoon of spark and an entire sea of energy floating about. Fostering a sudden bond on the sets of the movie Gunday, these two have made many a men jealous and pretty little girls, insecure. And now, ladies and gentlemen, this Dynamic-Duo has something far more stomach-hurtingly-hilarious lined up for you!


From the evergreen laugh riots of Russel Peters to the tribute given to our original Indian-cinema comedian – Johnny Lever; from Kalki Koechlin’s viral video “Rape? It’s Your Fault” to Imran khan’s answer to all those homophobic questions; and finally, after Alia Bhatt being declared the “Genius of The Year”, ALL INDIA BAKCHOD now brings forth another ultimate battle of the witty, a showdown between two very appealing men and four, um…boys, that will leave your eyes watering and heads in a spin!

Yes! I am talking about THE AIB KNOCKOUT!



It will be hosted by the four, very dashing AIB hosts, namely

Khamba *drool*,

 Tanmay *laugh riot*,

Rohan ‘Gujju’ Joshi,

 Ashish Shakya *Gangasta*

And the handsome Bollywood hunks-cum-besties, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor.

These two ‘teams’ would be going up against each other with all guns blazing, no hold-backs on the profanity section and taking such ultimate digs at the ego of their competitors, that their prides might be charred forever. The event is a One-Night show being held on 20th December, only in Mumbai (Well, sucks to be Delhities now, doesn’t it?) *Insert Mumbai with an evil smile* where all the profits from the ticket sales will go to charity (haven’t we heard that before).



Ranveer Singh, who is one of the most high-spirited-full-of-life-dancing-wherever-its-most-inappropriate actors of our generations, had something special to say about the whole fiasco:“Gona hav my pants taken off in public! Poster cchhap gaya..No way out now.. @thetanmay @gkhamba @mojorojo @arjunk26” (A subtle choice of words, I must add)

Well, block your tickets (and plane tickets- the rich brats of north India) before time runs out and your patience wears thin, for the Hottest Couple of Bollywood are all set to take on the Hottest, most wanted Comedians of India!



P.S.:  Block those seats at And down below, is how AIB roll *insert cool face*


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