A Take On Top News This Week: Trash It, Trend It

Welcome again to my weekly desi take on the top news this week.

Yes, people say stupid stuff, and some go ahead and DO even more ire inviting stuff. My goal is to be unbiased to their degree of stupidness and bring to you the top 3 mentions of the week that can induce a migraine even in the most patient of us.

But playing by the Silver Linings Playbook, I want to keep my karma in check, and also not bog you down with all that was wrong this week, so as a treat, here’s also the top 3 things of this week that made social browsing worth the cringe.


Modi went to Iran and brought gifts for us like the Chahbahar pact. Modi and Monsoon have same characteristics. People have a lot of hope with them. #ModiInIran


Much awaited Sultan trailer was released. Soon hashtags like #SULTANTrailerFastest5MViews started trending because small hashtags are lame and Bhai fans have a class. *sarcasm intended*

A man in Hyderabad created a world record for most hugs in a minute. Must be the most awkward one minute of his life.



CBSE High School Results declared this week. The internet was divided into two groups. One saying “board marks don’t matter”, others just sitting there and waiting for students to realize this themselves.


Congress compels its members to sign loyalty pledge. It’s like signing a pre-nup because you know your wife is unchaste.


A Congo man was killed in Delhi. On this, the Tourism and culture Minister, Mahesh Sharma, said “Even Africa isn’t safe”. What a great way to console the deceased’s family. Tomorrow if he is looted, we are at liberty to say “Even a minister isn’t safe”


Let’s make this is a weekly affair, where we can vent our hearts out.

Catch you next Sunday!

Until then, keep an ear out for topics you’d like me to take up next week and holler them to me in the comments. Or use your stalking skills and reach out on social media with the top news this week!


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