There are a million perks to having a photographer friend.

Be it their amazing work, or their child like enthusiasm when they see a picture perfect scenery, we all love that one friend who goes ‘click click’ at every little thing.

Here are some of the exclusive advantages which you will totally get if you have a photographer friend.

1. You never run out of decent profile pictures.

The struggle for finding a decent profile picture is all too REAL. But not for those who have a friend with a DSLR. He/she is always all too happy to have a subject in you and you are of course, ecstatic to concede.

2. You know that your wedding photography is sorted.

Weddings are a BIG day for many of us. Quite naturally, we want to go all out. Who wouldn’t want their wedding to be remembered forever? That is where your photographer friend comes to the rescue. You can count on him/her to click the most spectacular photos and gifting you a fairytale wedding album and all this for absolutely FREE!

3. Your Instagram is lit after a trip.

Because, why not? You are of course posting your friend’s clicks(with due credits, I hope) and the frames capture all of the beauty so perfectly. Add some hip hashtags and watch your followers sky rocket!

4. You can totally act like a pseudo photographer.

I’m not saying you have to. But you know, just in case. There are days when we all feel like a shallow show-off and our friends ‘sophisticated DSLR serves as the perfect pose partner to catch hold of, place it in front of our eyes and pretend to be oh-so-interested in photography.

5. Sometimes, your friend’s photos are pure art.

They speak more than words ever could. They are magical in their potential to instantly transport you from a mundane world to a world of surreal beauty where is everything is perfect. For example, only a photographer friend can make us feel the cool Himalayan air while sitting in sultry Kolkata.

6. Your group has groupfies with a DSLR.

Groupfies with the phone front cam are SO mainstream. Thanks to the wonderful tripod, your group has crystal clear DSLR groupfies and they are all the shiz.

7. It gets really frustrating to keep being friends with a photographer sometimes.

After all, you are but a mere mortal. It can be difficult when you’re on a trip and your friend in question keeps stopping the car to click pictures of random grass, crows and yes, sometimes even ants. God forbid this happens on a hilly road and the photographer’s over enthusiasm is responsible for holding up the entire uphill traffic. Obviously, you get to hear the choicest of cuss words from the drivers behind your car.

8. Their camera is their child.You are not allowed to touch it if your hands are dirty, wet, too white, too dark, different colours…actually, they’d much rather you don’t touch it at all. Also, if you happen to be clumsy, then you are strictly forbidden from even entering the room which has the camera.

9. You are not scared of thieves or burglars while with your friend.

Why would you be? What is that tripod for? It serves as an excellent weapon of course! You hit anyone with that thing and you’re sure to give that poor guy a significant cerebral hemorrhage. In dire situations, you can even throw the camera at the culprit. I don’t take responsibility for what your friend does to you after that though.

No matter how ridiculous their actions might be, one cannot deny the positive vibes a photographer friend brings into our lives. Go ahead and tag your photographer friend and all others in your group who you feel might relate to this.

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