7 Reasons Why Students Bunk Classes

Bunking classes, the word that wakes up the laziest bum in the class, is the holy grail of every college going student. Backbenchers swear by it and our teachers hate us for it, bunking has united many people together. We believe that college is equivalent to fun and what’s some fun, without risk (=bunk).


So here’s why we bunk classes:

  • Sleeping: If I am ever asked to rank the preferences of my daily errands, sleeping BEATS everything. Even food. It’s sleep before food, sleep before studies and sleep before exams. Yes, sleep is very precious to us and we can’t compromise it, at any cost. Not at all for trivial matters, like classes which happen on a regular basis.


  • Irresistible offer at your favourite food joint: McDonalds giving out free McMuffins with your breakfast order or Dominoes one-on-one Friday, free food can make us catch Trans-Atlantic flights just for that little extra morsel. That is the kind of love and RESPECT we have for free food and this relationship, only grows stronger by the day (especially if you stay away from home)


  • Matter of reputation: Imagine that you are student with 100% attendance in college! Do you realize how shameful you should feel for the same? Probably the whole college knows you by your attendance and not your name. So you bunk classes to get rid of the ‘geek’ tag and fit in with the crowd.


  • Mundane teacher or monotonous lecture: There are a few teachers who make you want to bang your head repeatedly against the desk so that you can keep your eyes open (I’d rather put my head down and sleep, which I do very often). There is no greater happiness than bunking the class of that teacher who makes us want to tear our own head off. “Boring class hai,” is an excuse which strikes the deepest chords with our friends because come on, we have all been through it.


  • A celebrity visit to your/ another college: Now this would make us tear down the class rooms like it was a war zone and cross over the barbed wires (been there, NOT done that). Believe me, this is the level of madness that infects everything around during a celebrity visit. You really thought we’d attend classes after all this happening around? We got a life, man!


  • Class test in the next lecture: Every student today realizes the importance of those 60 minutes before any test. Your last hope and your only saviour! You could click pictures of your notes, fill up your arms or study some important concept from a friend! But if you don’t get a free lecture before it, you wouldn’t mind bunking it at all! We believe in last minute studies and stand by it.


  • Just like that: Had back to back classes since morning and need a break? Cool! All you need to do is bunk a class. It is that simple. You are your own boss and you motto of ‘mah lyf mah rulz’ is what you should uphold.


It is simple things like these that make us fall in love with college. Times are never simpler and joys are never greater. And the memories made in these stolen times are the ones you hold onto the longest.


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