Online gambling has taken the betting industry by storm. With its ease of access, and safety and privacy features built into it, betting and gambling online has never been easier before.

However, confusions with regards to its legality and regulations in place exist and need to be addressed. Moreover, sometimes it is very difficult to find online casinos that suit your personal needs and hence we G2G help you find the best online casino. Once we have that out of our way, we can now address the elephant in the room.

Online casinos are a growing market, with new interesting additions every year that make the gaming scene more and more interesting.

But with this, spurious and unsafe sites that are potentially harmful to your online gambling experience, exist. Thus, it becomes vital to be able to screen the best sites for yourself, to have a seamless and pleasurable experience and to win big. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind in that direction.

Online Betting


The issue of safety is especially important, to tackle fake websites that exist only to rip you off your hard-earned money and deny you of a peaceful gambling experience.

Not only does this negatively impact your enjoyment in your quest to satisfy your lust for gambling, but it also means you can never really trust even the proper websites, right off the bat.

Thus, doing a bit of research goes a long way in preventing these issues. Most websites should be displaying their licenses of practicing gambling, in regulated markets, and that is your key to the trustworthiness of the site.

Moreover, third party sources such as other players and chat boards where gamblers assemble can also provide valuable information with regards to the authenticity of websites.


The reputation a site has should go a long way in determining whether or not the site is worth your time. Ask yourself questions like:

  • ‘Have I heard of this site before?’
  • ‘Does their payment system seem suspicious?’
  • ‘Are the pay-outs worth it?’
  • ‘Does the site look safe?’

Depending on your answers you should be able to come to a reasonable conclusion. If you still aren’t sure, Google. 

Online Betting

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Customer Service:

While a better site implies a lower probability for you to use their customer service, it still has its uses. Questions such as frequency of pay-outs, kinds of games available, new promotions available etc. need to be asked.

In that regard, some sites offer live chat based customer services, which means that these sites are obviously better in the way they approach customers and there also exists guaranteed response to your question.

Other sites will offer just email or phone numbers, which may or may not always be available or responsive to your needs. Since most betting queries are small time queries that could easily be solved without long waiting times via email, chat boxes are preferred in that regard.

Offers for new players:

In order to attract new customers, a lot of betting websites tend to provide bonuses and discounts for your first bets. These include multipliers on winnings, improved buybacks and even free bets.

Free bets are probably the most beneficial of these offers, and most of them cannot be kept, but the winnings from them can be earned. Several websites have a list of new offers for gambling across several online casino games that you can avail at your discretion.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

Deposits are usually immediate to most sites. Sites which offer variable payment options, covering most kinds of credit cards, mobile wallets, UPI etc. are always preferred. This way, you have more options at your disposal and can gamble without worrying about how much money is left in your account.

Withdrawal is a different ball game altogether. A lot of sites do not have the option to withdraw funds if you want to, meaning that money once deposited needs to be expended in gambling for sure.

Even for sites that do allow withdrawals, several of them take a lot of time, up to a week or more to refund your amount, after a withdraw request which also makes them unfavourable. A good site would be one that refunds amounts within 3 working days of receiving the request for withdrawal, without any add on hurdles to that regard either.


Similar to buying a product online, reviews concerning a website go a long way in ensuring that it is safe and ensures good winnings. Not just what the numbers say, but even the sheer number of reviews can be an important benchmark, as more reviews implies more people betting at the website, which may mean that it is authentic and makes for good winnings.

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