5 Craziest Pranks From Impractical Jokers That’ll Get You Beaten Up In India

Comedy through pranks is a genré which is very hard to master. Impractical Jokers is one show which has managed to do so and that too in it’s own style!

Impractical Jokers 1

For those who haven’t watched the show, the premise is simple: Four lifelong friends (read: “jokers”) compete in hidden camera “impractical” prank challenges.

Whoever loses the most challenges in each episode must face a humiliation concocted by the other three guys. I initially thought this idea would get old fast but seeing it in action had me in tears from laughing.

While almost all their pranks are absolutely crazy, some of them are particularly super insane. The kind of insane which would offend a lot of people if pulled off in India.

Here, take a look at ridiculously hilarious pranks from impractical jokers that’ll get you beaten up in India :

1. “Best man speech” by Sal

Pranks by Impractical Jokers 2

Weddings are auspicious ceremonies in India. Weddings determine societal prestige in India. Weddings are “izzat ka sawal” in India!

Try screwing up a wedding in India, like Sal does in the episode where he gives the “best man speech”! Dumbledore is gonna be like…

Impractical Jokers 3

that is, if you come out alive!

2. Q’s punishment: Q v/s women rights

Lets face it, we Indians don’t take humour very well. Specially if the butt of the joke are soldiers or women. In fact, a lot of Indians don’t know that a genré like dark humour exists!

So, if you go on a panel discussion like Q in this episode, where you oppose women rights by going against the feminists for a prank, you will get beaten up no matter what!

3. Murr interviews without clothes

Anything and everything is offensive to Indian audiences! So, if you’re planning to pull off a prank where you have to interview your celeb crush without clothes just like Murr, chances are of multiple cases being filed against you!

Impractical Jokers 4

I mean comedians landing up in jail (for all the stupid reasons) is not new in India!

4. Joe’s pranks on people in a gym

Impractical Jokers 7

In one of the episodes, Joe pulls off pranks in a gym. Now, in India a very less part of the population goes to a gym. This also means that these are the people who are actually serious about their gym routine. Also, gym = a lot of people with “dole shole”.

So, if you plan to pull off this prank in India, chances of Bittu from “Koi Mil Gaya” shouting..

Impractical Jokers 5

..”ki dolee sholee” after someone punches you, is more than you making the *JoeVictoryFace*!

5. Sal v/s Murr library challenge


In India, librarians are generally these stringent people with big fat glasses. Even if you make a pin drop noise, they go like..”Shhh..”. Not to forget that libraries are not meant for everyone here. People genuinely in need of the atmosphere and the desire to study/read/work, go to libraries in India.

Midst this, if you indulge in a prank challenge of making noise in a library, only god can save you!

Impractical Jokers 6

“What? Oh hell No! Hold up… Huh? Oh, ok.”

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