14 Seconds – Or Even Less- Are All It Takes To Become The Butt Of Jokes On Twitter

Rishiraj Singh, an official known for his seriousness and no-nonsense attitude, has rapidly become the butt of all jokes on social media. Speaking at an event, he claimed that if a man stares at a woman for more than 14 seconds, he can be convicted!

I don’t know which book on law he read, but I think he certainly got trolled when he went to a shop to buy one. That or he is making his own laws now.

Twitter was quick to take it up, and it wasn’t long before #14secondrule was trending. Here are a few gems:



One of my friends also wondered if girls would be allowed to stare at girls or whether the 14 second rule will apply to men staring at men too. For your information guys, the 14 second rule does not apply here. But Article 377 does (banning homosexuality in India). So beware!

Imagine the misery of a teacher in an all girls school. Every 14th second, he will have to close his eyes to uphold the law.

But let us go into some depth here. Imagine if the rule was actually a reality. My question would then be: How did the lawmakers decide on the exact time count?

Did they stare at women until lewd thoughts came into their minds, and then took its mean? Maybe they took the median.

Maybe we should ask Mr. Rishiraj Singh himself. Or should I say, Pahlaj Nihalani v2.0 (Remember Spectre’s censorship drama?)

Even with all the mockery, he did find one supporter:


Yes, it is true. But then what was the problem in saying that directly? It would have been much simpler, wouldn’t it?

But thank god the 14 second rule is not exactly a law. Imagine how often it could have been misused by women who were bent on achieving their own ends. My fear stems from the misuse of the rape law which was passed a few years ago.

Maybe Rishiraj Singh just forgot himself while enjoying the moment and didn’t think about what he was saying. I do hope he isn’t serious about making it a law. Otherwise, I think I will open a store for stopwatches and sunglasses in the near future.

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