Fidget Spinners are the most “in thing” these days! According to various studies, they apparently help you de-stress.

fidget spinners

Just like in the 90s’ Beyblades and Pokemon Balls were cool things to own, kids in this decade have taken the coolness quotient to Fidget Spinners. The markets are full of them and so is your social media!

From psychologists analysing how they help de-stress to kids showing off their neon coloured fidget spiners, this trend has left no one untouched.

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In fact, people are so crazy about this stupid toy that they are ready to shell out thousands for them. Midst all this craziness, we found a 10 year old who didn’t climb the bandwagon of spending thousands to buy these.

Instead, he came up with an idea of making these. Not only his hand made fidget spinners work as good, they cost him a sum as low as Rs. 35. Unbelievable, right?

Check out this video on how this smart 10 year old makes his own fidget spinners which can cost upto Rs. 87,000!

Cool, right?

Now you know where to place your orders! *wink-wink*

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