Deep Web: Part Of The Internet That Is Full Of Dark Secrets Explained Through ED Posters

There is a part of the World Wide Web that not many are aware of, yet it is exploited to a great extent. The Deep Web is like an organism that is not easily visible, but its existence can certainly not be ignored.

Ladies and gentlemen, gear up, as we decode the not-so- frequently visited areas of the internet through a series of posters.

Presenting, the Deep Web.

Deep web 2

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The surface web is anything and everything that can be indexed by the search engines. On the contrary, the content that cannot be indexed or cannot be tapped by the search engines, because of data incompatibilities and technical hurdles that complicate indexing efforts, is the Deep Web.

found copy

3 Deep web

Fun Fact: Tor was the result of research done by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, which created Tor for political dissidents and whistleblowers, allowing them to communicate without fear of reprisal. The anonymity and security it offers have attracted unlawful practices, paving the way to the dark net.

Graphics Credit : Prerna Bhatia

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