International Women’s Day Google Doodle Inspires Women To Dream Relentlessly- #OneDayIWill

I am pretty sure, we all have plans for that ‘one day’. Be it sipping martini on the Bora Bora Islands or attending FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, all our white-picket-fencing is filed under that ‘one day’.

Google has always pushed quirky to another level with every Doodle. This year, on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day saw the google doodle celebrate the ardent aspirations of women around the globe.


“So we gathered our cameras and pencils and visited 13 countries where we asked 337 women and girls to complete the sentence, ‘One day I will…'”– the Google team.

Unlike previous years celebrating pioneering women who have been changemakers and pathbreakers, this year’s Doodle leads to a video that shows the curation of dreams of ordinary women like you and me voicing their uninhibited dreams and believe me, it cannot look more real.

The doodling around real women unleashing the brilliances buried deep inside their mind is enough to leave you oozing with confidence and in good spirits.

Amidst the crazy brouhaha of do’s and don’t’s, it’s a rather tough call to put the daily rut on hold and be able to voice your dream. But Google has honoured these square pegs in a round hole with as inconsequential dreams as swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas to discussing the global environment with Pope Francis.

The beautiful juxtaposition of “#OneDayIWill..” articulation by women from toddlers to grannies and the successful to unsung, is inspiring in leaps and bounds. It clearly reflects there is no age to start or stop dreaming.

The video is a harbinger of change that we are going to bring to the world, as I believe, voicing your dream is the primary step to achieving it.

No barrier, no conventions!  Be it having my own restaurant, or seeing the rings of Saturn or simply becoming a mother, though infinitesimal, my dream is my world.

Women’s day 2016 welcomes a year of self-tailored dreams, shrugging off conventions, dispelling all notions, simply urging you to be yourself before being a woman.

Among the popular faces, Nobel Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai and anthropologist Jane Goodall also express their dream.

So, don’t fret. Whether you are 5 ft or too tall, whacky or mainstream, cocky or ethereal, youngling or aging, on the Forbes list or effortlessly kuchnai-ho-sakta-tumhara, you don’t have to follow trends and thy dream doth matter, for one day you will!

Dreams reckon no gender, age or geography and women shall reckon no complacency. So, do your own jig and share your dream with us.

Happy Women’s Day!

Watch the video here:


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