Status quo might just be opening its regressive wings in the country to welcome feminism with open arms but as we dive into the first phase of its acceptance, elitism creeps in right at that instant when working women start demanding paid leaves for periods and menstrual pain.

And that’s when the scales tip and the balance is disturbed. Cometh the wave of pseudo-feminist jokes.

Now it’s not entirely the fault of biology or bigotry that women demand leaves for periods. Sadly, it’s a cruel homogeneous mixture of both, where misplaced ideals swiftly become whimsical demands and excuses to whine.

Given our reputation as the modern millennial generation which believes and acknowledges concepts like equality and liberalism in their absolute form, we’ve greatly tarnished the same reputation by being the most whimsical generation of them all, by being extremely demanding, melodramatic and painfully hypocritical to our own ideals.

I honestly don’t remember any women in her late 30’s or 40’s asking for paid leaves for periods (which are labeled as unproductive days and rightly so), where the only excuse for the leave is a GOD DAMN NATURAL, BIOLOGICAL PROCESS.

It’s mostly the modern female worker, a constituent of the cruel capitalistic state of affairs in the corporate world trying to whine her way through a day of work and parading that not granting leaves for periods means that her workplace promotes the male standard as the ultimate standard of working.”

Leaves For Periods

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And while we’re at the curve of criticizing the millennial working women, it’s a stark observation that Indian women who work on daily wages or do odd jobs have never asked for paid leaves on periods and neither have higher ranking executives in any corporate firm.

Most importantly, women deployed in armed forces have never asked for paid leaves because they know and acknowledge the repercussions of this move which may result in them abandoning their job at a critical time, thus weakening their position at their job.

Any individual is smart enough to know that periods don’t inherently mean that women are weaker and only highlight a basic biological difference and this “difference” needs to pertain to that domain, ruling out its ascendence as a privilege which may or may not be misused.

And the worst part is that there is no guarantee to track its misuse.

For those who live in the bubble that period pains can be excruciatingly painful should know that the primary type of menstrual pain called dysmenorrhea, with a severe case of dysmennorrhea pain being a symptom of endometriosis disease can be easily diagnosed and is.. get this… TREATABLE.

Dysmenorrhea, being the normal period cramps pain can be usually suppressed with analgesic medicines (with further pain needing medical attention) and although endometriosis requires proper medical attention, it in no way means that it isn’t treatable.

Even if these two broad classifications may need medical attention at the time of early diagnosis, they don’t give women the privilege to ask for paid leaves for periods even after prescribed medication is being provided. That’s the whole point of medicines.

Now to those who think that I’m labeling period pains as shenanigans, I’m not. I’ve been around enough women to know that menstrual pains can be as painful as a spin kick in the nuts and I believe that.

But promoting a stance where you epitomize your body in your work place under the label of an umbrella movement of globalizing the idea and celebrating liberality, you need to calm your tits. And I’m being kind.

Ladies, the world isn’t all bad and your body is a regular body which needs care and a healthy lifestyle. But please don’t take it too literally if people ask you to treat it like a temple.

Live and let live. Cheers.

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