Why women get raped?


Here’s a SARCASTIC insight to why women get raped in our country

1. Because women wear provocative clothes: the main reason why women get raped in our country is because they are skimpily dressed. Also because men have eyes and its difficulty for them to control their suppressed horniness. Not to forget all women after all dress up for men and not for themselves so it’s their fault if they’re raped.

2. Because women don’t call their ‘predators’ BHAIYA: one of the famous babaji’s in our country claims that if a woman is about to be raped and she calls the rapist “bhaiya” the crime would not happen. What a wonderful way to stop rapes in the country, thank youbabaji.

3. Because women leave their houses and work outside: women belong in the kitchen and hence it is their fault if they go out and work and are then raped. Well women should know that they have no right to become independent and work outside the domestic territory.

4. Because women don’t walk with their husbands, brothers, boyfriends or male friends at night: women who walk or travel alone at night should not blame auto rikshawallahs or bus wallahs for getting raped after all its the woman’s fault for travelling late in the night, she wouldn’t be having any important work at late in the night.

5. Because women are characterless: women are raped because they are characterless that is they like being touched by random strangers and take pleasure in the forced act of love making. So definitely it is their fault.

6. Because women give birth to men: oh yes, not to forget, who gives birth to men who rape women, its women, so whose fault is it? You’re right; it’s the woman’s fault.

7. Because women drink and smoke: women who drink and smoke lose control at late night parties and seduce men with their bodies. They should know that they are required to behave like a woman with a good character who can carry a drinks tray for the husband but she shouldn’t drink herself. When men see such ladies smoking or drinking they can’t help but rape women.

8. Because men eat chowmein: a scientific study suggests that eating chowmein leads to hormonal imbalances invoking an urge to indulge in such acts. I am sure that’s why Chinese is men’s favourite cuisine. And who makes chowmein in the kitchen? Women, so it’s their fault. Other than food items, bollywood films, excessive usage of mobile phones also tend to propagate rapes among women. What an insight for the reason of rapes, given by science and technology.

9. Most importantly because men have needs: women must know that men have their needs and when women wear provocative clothes or travel alone, men can’t do anything about their innate need to have sex with a woman. After all our country banned porn as well, what are these innocent men to do in such a condition then?

Taken from All India bhakchod- it’s your fault- featuring Kalki coechlin and Juhi, a satirical video on why it’s the women’s fault when they are raped, since they invite such attraction from men.


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