With ‘Zero-Crease’ Suitcases You Can Now Travel With Wrinkle Free Clothes

Is it just me or even you dread even the thought of packing as you have the incessant desire to keep all the ironed clothes as neatly as possible, so that you don’t have to struggle to repeat the tiresome process of ironing all over again once you reach your desired destination? But, you are always disappointed, as the clothes are creased and crumpled inevitably.

Well, that is how it goes, and Vocier, an Austrian luggage brand can feel our emotions.

According to Vocier, wrinkles in packed clothes are caused by “pressure and tight corners”. But, it uses a “patented contour design that eliminates these factors”.


Vocier has developed a ‘zero-crease’ suitcase which promises to keep clothes crease free, an innovation that demarcates itself from the rest as it claims to bend clothes rather than folding them.


It also has built-in protective sleeves to safeguard items stored inside; a magnetic hanger system and integrated pockets to store passport and credit cards are some of the other features that it boasts of.

Though it is a tiny bag, you can pack clothes for about a week, which can include two suits, shirts, shoes, underwear and a wash bag, that is if you pack smartly (maybe it is time to google packing hacks). The suitcase also has a separate compartment for passport and credit cards.


The luggage range is available at prices starting from €595, or about Rs. 44,500.

This invention totally sounds like the need of the hour, and as much as the concept seems appealing, the problem with it is that all the forms that the bags are available in are compact, and basically caters to the business class as these luggage bags would be perfect for their mini business trips, and they could shell out 45,000 bucks to buy a suitcase, with which a middle class man could buy a two wheeler for. Also, these are not suitable for a long trip at all.

Also, little does it do justice to a businesswoman, because if she wants to carry crease free suits along with formal heels, there does not seem any space for that in the Vocier bags. So is it not meant for women? We do not know.

Let’s see what the reviews are after people start using these bags. Till then, all hail technology!

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