When you think of Old Monk you usually imagine the iconic bottle, with the snake-skin like design and the dark red rum shining brightly out of the bottle.

But it seems that this Diwali, the brand wanted to do something different and their ‘The Connoisseur Collection’ is pulling out all the stops.

The latest collection by Old Monk, one of the oldest alcohol brands in India is coming out with a unique collection with some very interesting flavours like Lemon Rum, Orange Rum, White Rum, Apple Rum, and some young flavours like Cranberry, Mojito, and Cola.

While the cranberry and cola flavours do have resemblance to the basic beer bottles like the Heineken, and even Bacardi’s Breezer, however, that is certainly not dimming down the interest these versions are creating.

Why Now?

It is not unusual for brands to bring out limited edition collections or festival related collections around big festivals, considering the consumption increases during this time.

So Old Monk has been slowly and steadily releasing and marketing their new collection since almost September now when the bottles were released to the public.

Their Instagram and Facebook is littered with posts about this new collection and the creativity is surely coming through.

According to social media and reports, these new ones especially the cola, cranberry, mojito and all have a slightly lower alcohol content compared to the regular Old Monk and are also easier to drink when on the go.

Till now, this collection is available in Karnataka, Pune and Mumbai and the public reaction to them has been pretty positive.

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Old Monk has always held a special place for the young Indians, and is often the go-to choice for college kids getting their first alcohol experience.

Started in 1954 by Jeeven Kandel, the Old Monk Rum is a vatted Indian dark rum that is blended and aged for about 7 years. There are some variations that are aged for longer, about 12 years or so. However, it is the 7 year rum that is the most iconic within the public.

The alcohol is liked by a good majority and the dark rum’s slight vanilla flavour and high alcohol content of 42.8% makes it a fan favourite.

In this new collection, you can certainly see the creativity in how uniquely some of the bottles have been made.

There has also been a conscious effort made by the brand to reach out to the millennial generation by making new flavours and packaging them in a way that are easy to handle and yet interesting looking.

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Sources: Ask Men, Facebook, Wikipedia 

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