Winter Styling Tips For Indian Clothes

Winter has arrived, and it is important to be dressed for the season. Whether you are in chilly Kashmir, or the coastal regions where winter is just catching up, it’s time to start looking for your warm sweaters, that have been locked away in your cupboards.

But rather than wearing the same sweater you wore last year, why not start a new trend?

It is time to get your winter look on!

How To Get Started?

Here are a few easy ways and winter styling tips to look fabulous while keeping the cold away.

  • Layer Up!

One thing you should never forget while dressing for winters is the amazingness that is layers.

The weather in India during winter can range from a freezing -25 degrees to a more comfortable 30 degrees. If you’re wearing layers, then you can keep the cold out, and take off the outer layers if the weather gets warmer through the day.

You can wear a warm cardigan sweater over your salwar, as popularised by Kangana Ranaut in Queen. If external layering is not your style, you can even buy a petticoat. By wearing a warm petticoat, and then a kurta or salwar, you are keeping yourself warm. Also, for those who do not like wearing salwars, but love wearing kurtas, you can opt for trendy scarves that will protect your face from the chill, and still look fabulous!

  • Dress For What You Do

Not every day is a business day and not every day is a holiday.

It is necessary to wear the right outfit for the right activity. If you are going to be out the entire day, and it looks like it might get warm at midday, then make sure to find dress materials such as silk, which keeps the sweat away from your body, but traps heat at the same time.

Cotton clothes are not advisable for this, as they absorb sweat and make the clothes damp, which won’t dry on their own in winter.

  • Swap for Sweaters

Trade in your blouse for a sweater. Choosing a solid colour sweater works as a great alternative as it can be tucked inside your saree petticoat. All the celebrities are doing it!

Just drape your saree and look fantastic while keeping warm. An even better idea would be wearing polo-neck sweaters and accessorising with chunky jewellery. The same can be done with your lehengas as well.

  • Don’t Forget Those Legs


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Let us not forget our leggings. Buy warm leggings of any colour when you’re looking at womens clothes online on for this season. They keep you warm and are very comfortable. They can also be worn with sarees; either under your petticoat, or instead of the petticoat. Sonam Kapoor has tried this and we can vouch that this is definitely a good look!

So now you’re all set to style your Indian clothes this winter to look like a diva. Go online and shop for your new look now!

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