ED brings you a brand new ED Original Series: When Even Winners Faced Defeat, where you get a lesser known narrative of inspirational people and the setbacks that came along their path.

So the next time you think that subject you didn’t get good marks in, or that person who didn’t like your picture on Facebook, and want to give up on life. Then just take a look at these people who even after experiencing crushing defeats, came out as winners. Use it as your motivation, as your determination, because success does not come easy.

This man runs the world’s largest democracy and second most populous country in the world. Every day scores of articles, people, and aliens condemn and praise him for his work and yet this man remains unflustered and continues to project India as a rising super force.

‘From Chaiwallah to Prime Minister’- this phrase is something we are all familiar with but Narendra Modi did not just fight hardships like poverty but even after attaining power Modi had to face failures on several occasions.

Love him or hate him, his spirit to survive is a lesson we all can learn from.

  1. Bad Politics

Modi was always projected as a flamboyant BJP leader who was aggressively anti-Muslim. The 2002 Gujarat riots made situations worse for him. But 15 years later, Modi continues to garner support from ‘Indians’ and not just a particular sect. He has to go overboard stating his secular views while opposition leaves no stone unturned in blaming him for any hate crime happening in India.

  1. Bad Politics 2.0

During 2014 elections, Modi’s wife appeared out of thin air. He was called a liar, a cheat and every other bad word in the dictionary. Modi had never previously mentioned his wife and even the people closest to him did not know about him being married.

Modi’s statement post his wife’s appearance was examined and cross-examined zillion times but people believed him when he said that he had left his wife for his country.

  1. Life at RSS

Modi’s initial responsibility at RSS headquarters in Gujarat was to clean rooms, make tea and food for everyone who stayed or visited the building. Nobody took him seriously because he was a tea vendor but Modi waited for that one shot where he proved his worth to the RSS. During Emergency in 1975-77, Modi used to travel on a motorcycle organizing and executing meetings which no one else could.

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  1. Failure on National Level

Victory on home turf is one thing but a win outside Gujarat was sure to catapult Modi into the limelight. He organized L.K. Advani’s Rath Yatra as well as Murli Manohar Joshi’s Yatra in Srinagar.

Both the yatras became so controversial that police had to arrest every big BJP leader and veterans found it easy to blame the young Modi for the mishaps. He was eventually demoted and it took him twenty years to surface again on national level politics.

youth in politics.

Various sources have reported that Modi does not forgive people who have wronged him. Modi systematically sidelined all BJP leaders in Gujarat like Keshubhai Patel who had once upon a time wronged him. N. Mukhopadhyay, Modi’s biographer even calls Modi an authoritarian.

Irrespective of the hardships that have graced his life, Modi continues to make India proud and this probably is the best time to be an Indian because this is the time where change is beginning to happen.

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