Will The Whatsapp Beta Update Help Reveal More About Chats?

whatsapp beta

WhatsApp has been quite in the news lately, first it was for that disastrous ‘Snapchat’ –isque status update that, failed so spectacularly that, WhatsApp rescinded it within almost 24 hours. And now with the WhatsApp beta version.

I have to admit that, WhatsApp is one of the best applications out there, sure it has had its bumps and rocky roads, but even after all that, it has remained one of the top used messenger apps.

And last year with their making WhatsApp free for life, its popularity jumped in leaps and bounds. It seemed that WhatsApp could do no wrong.

Until it did.

The very obviously copied and that too badly, just like Partner, the Salman Khan and Govinda movie was so very much not a copy of Hitch,  the 24 hour, changing status update for WhatsApp too was heavily criticized and the organisation has to take it back shortly.

But their latest beta version for the Windows phones as in Windows 10 phones and Windows Phone 8.1 could supposedly bring more details on individual chats.

whatsapp beta

What Exactly Is The WhatsApp Beta About?

Right now this beta update is available only to Windows phone users, particularly Windows 10 Mobile and Window Phone 8.1. The WhatsApp beta update will allow one to see a load of different details from that individual chat.

Some of the things that this update will feature are:

– Number of media shared.

– Another tab would tell users of how much storage space, each particular chat is taking up. That way you can accordingly work to free up space if needed.

– Number of texts within that chat

– There would also be a feature that organizes the media received based on the size of the media and not their number.

whatsapp beta

Some of these updates actually looks very useful and something that give WhatsApp an added edge over other messaging apps.

Especially the storage feature, either the chat one of the organizing of media according to size, both seem to be god-sent for people who are always running out of memory in their phones.

But Is This Another Way To Complicate A Pretty Simple System?

The latest blunder by WhatsApp has shaken my faith in them a little, and I cannot help but wonder if this beta update is just another step in that direction.

One of the reasons why WhatsApp has been a hit across all demographics, men and women, children and teens, old people, business people and more, is because it is so easy to use and manage.

Unlike other apps, it is not clogged with features and remains just simple enough for even elder people to understand it and use it without much help.

That is why this update just feels like an unnecessary step to complicate this very simple system, all in order to give something new and different to the public.

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