James Bond, the iconic British Secret Service agent character is known to many as the epitome of masculinity. 

His Casanova style, drinking a martini, the guns, gadgets, cars and of course the ‘Bond girls’ are all things that shine like a beacon to males across the world. 

They not only admire and worship Bond, but want to be him and enjoy all the perks he gets. 

There have been some problems with the Bond character though, such as misogyny, sexist traits and the fact that only white male actors till date have portrayed him. 

From 1962 to 2015, spanning a good half a century, 26 films have been made in the James Bond film series and all of them have had a white male essaying the role of the charismatic agent. 

That might change soon though, with news of a black female 007 being introduced in the upcoming film starring Daniel Craig. 

What Is The News?

Apparently, as per reports, while Craig will still be playing ‘James Bond’, the agent code of 007 will be given to British actress Lashana Lynch. 

Right now, her casting is just a rumour and has not yet been confirmed by the production house, but already people are losing their marbles over the fact that a black woman is going to be Bond. 

First of all, let me clear it up that though she might have the code, does not mean she is playing ‘James Bond’.

A lot of people are getting angry over the change of such an iconic character and dissing the actress and the film. 

But can everyone calm down?

If reports are correct, Lynch is simply taking over the code 007, which was James Bond’s. 

But seeing how he kind of retired, he is no longer attached to the British Secret Service, which means that his code of 007 is left without an owner. 

This code would then be given to Lynch, if I’m not wrong, who will eventually bring Bond back into the field and act as a side-kick to him.

According to the report by Daily Mail who broke the new, an anonymous “movie insider” has revealed that the new film will open with Craig as Bond living a retired life in Jamaica. He will then be called back into the action to defeat the new villain.

But just to make it entirely clear, 007 and James Bond are not the same. 

The former is a code name, one that is given to all agents in the service, whereas the latter is the name of the character itself. 

So to all the emotionally charged people who are sensitive about their precious Bond, no one is touching him. 

black james bond

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Who Is The New 007?

Lashana Lynch, is a British actress who is currently in news for taking on the 007 code in the new James Bond movie, tentatively title Bond 25. 

She first gained recognition in the ABC period drama Still Star-Crossed playing the character Rosaline Capulet. 

However, her most recent big commercial project would be her role in Marvel’s Captain Marvel where she got the role of Maria Rambeau. 

Her character was the best friend to Carol Denvers aka Captain Marvel and was also an Air Force pilot with her. She was instrumental in helping Carol get her memories back and push her to save the world. 

It would be interesting to see her take on the character and how she plays the role of the new 007. 

There have been a stream of POC (people of colour) or black heroines that are being seen these days. 

This has made a lot of people extremely happy that the diversity and representation is increasing in Hollywood industry. 

From casting a black actress as Ariel for the live action version of Disney’s Little Mermaid to the recently released Lion King and now this, is causing people to be happy. 

However, I’m reserving my judgement till after the movie comes out, since it will primarily be based on how Lynch’s character is dealt with. 

Right now the Bond filmmakers are jumping with glee at the massive promotion and publicity they are getting with this new. 

But I would rather not see so much hype only to end up disappointed if her character is once more pigeon holed into the typical Bond girl and nothing more. 

Another thought I had was this could be a good marketing strategy to see the response of people and while still keeping Craig as the original Bond, stretch the franchise to start another one, with a black female agent as the lead. 

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Sources: NDTV, Forbes, The Guardian

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