For how long exactly have we seen that prestigious ‘lal batti car’ travelling the roads, smoothly sailing by even when the rest of us are stuck in traffic. Cars give way to these red beacons and I can only imagine how it must feel like being in one.

On the flip side, these red beacons have also created a lot of problems for the common people and have been misused by people with power if only to throw their weight around and get what they want.

If a car has that ‘lal batti’ automatically it is assumed that the person is someone of importance and VIP treatment is given without question.

However unfortunately for many of these people all that VIP treatment is soon going to come to hault as the govt yesterday meaning Wednesday has decided to ban red beacons on top of the car for all politicians, ministers, bureaucrats and more.

This brings an end to the status symbol that was the ‘lal batti car‘  and hopefully will end the VIP mindset that these people feel entitled to.

lal batti car

What Is This ‘Lal Batti Car’ Ban?

Basically, from May 1st, all cars that have installed a red beacon on their cars will be made void and must be removed.

This ban even includes the highest offices including that of the Chief Justice of India, Prime Minister as well as the President of India.

However, an exception has been made for vehicles of police, army, fire station wagons and ambulances that can use a blue flashing beacon in order to get through the traffic.

Although we have 6 categories of beacons, it is the red one that is the most prominently known as a symbol of one being a VIP and dates back to the colonial times when the British introduced it to us.

But with this ruling the red beacon will finally be removed from its high held pedestal and ministers and politicians will no longer be able to misuse it to their advantage.

This is not the first of its kind ruling though as just recently UP CM Yogi Adityanath and Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh have already created this rule in their respective states.

Even Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in 2015 had refused to use the red beacon on his car.

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But Will This Ruling Really Make A Difference?

The thing to really ponder over is whether this ruling will really make a difference or not. Whether this removal of the red beacon really work towards abolishing the VIP culture and the entitled nature that many politicians, ministers and more have.

According to me, it will help to a certain extent in that at least now no one will be able to misuse the ‘lal batti’ as a means to get their way.

Other than that, the implementation of this rule is going to make all the difference, so if implemented properly with the defaulters taken into account immediately, then only this decision has any means of being a success.

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