Will The Real Modi Please Stand Up!

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The column in the nomination form being left blank for the past four state assembly elections in 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2012 was finally filled, creating a lot of hullabaloo! Yes, It is true! NaMo accepts it under oath. He was married. Narendra Modi entered the name of Jashodaben as his wife. She is a retired school teacher in Brahmanwada, a village about 35km from Modi’s hometown, Vadnagar.

Will this revelation dent his popularity among the women of the nation? Does a marriage, which happened at a tender age of 17 and ended due to personal reasons become a topic for open discussion or stay a private matter of the people concerned?

I have always kept myself away from political controversial issues, promising not to comment on these and get caught up in a debatable mess. But being a strong feminist and a first time voter, a lot of questions pop up in my mind. How has the lady survived for the past so many years in a place, where a tag of the husband’s name is essential for women to survive the society?  How can women of the country rely on such a man for the sense of well-being that his government promises to provide? How can a leader who did not own up to having a women in his life for so long, be trusted now? Was the straight forward, down to earth, honest persona a mere fiasco? Or is this something or somehow a political drama at the climax of the “who will have the Gaddi” reality show?

Questions questions everywhere, not an answer to suffice.

“Mere liye na koi aagey, na peeche. Kiske liye bhrashtachaar karunga” (I have no family ties. Who will I try to benefit through corruption). This was Modi’s statement while addressing a rally at Sujanpur in Himachal Pradesh in mid-February.

“Her prayers have been answered as Narendrabhai has publicly accepted her as his wife. We are very happy. We all pray for him to become PM,” said Kamlesh Modi, Jashoda’s elder brother. Her brother Ashok said when the couple first met after marriage, Modi spoke to her about his plans to serve the country and suggested that she pursue her studies and become a teacher.

The family describes the marriage as being an incident of child marriage. The family did not quite understand the “Swami Vivekanand inspired” Narendra by then, who had already left home by the time the marriage was done with.

The entire aura created around the dearly beloved and equally hated Chief Minister, will it come smashing down? The marriage, which has been explained as an event that happened almost 40-50 years ago, will anyway affect the halo encircling Modi?

As the finale to the lok sabha 2014 approaches nearer, such well hidden truths are deemed to become public. But the issue is why was a respectable man of his age hiding this fact and claiming his de facto single status to be the reason he is the best choice in this whole corrupt world. It’s time that the political leaders understand that they represent the people of the nation. If they lie, who do we have to trust then? (Not that they are trustworthy as of now)

Democracy mein facts chhupaane walon, janta maaf nahi karegi!


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