By Aatreyee Dhar

Tamil Nadu has sustained a deep history of film personalities becoming eminent politicians. Charismatic leaders like MG Ramachandran, Annadurai, J Jayalalithaa and MK Karunanidhi have shaped the political dynamics through their mass-appealing ideologies and personalities.

But the recent flurry of events relating to the incumbent AIADMK calls for strong leadership and an absolute end to the ongoing political chaos.

Kamal Haasan has been hinting at his entry after the demise of former CM Jayalalithaa. Until recently, he confirmed about this marked arrival with a proposed political ideology based on Gandhian Marxism.

Gandhian Marxism aims to achieve classless society through moral individualism or change in mental outlook of the people. Articulating politics by standing on the shoulders of Periyar and Ram Manohar Lohia unfolds a progressive direction.

Although he is yet to reveal whether he has allied with Rajinikanth, he has made his intentions clear. The funding of the party is to come from those who fill the coffers of the government after they have been emptied, the poor.

One of the many reasons why Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth alienated from turning their fan base into vote banks was that their fans cut across party lines. Responding to the mounting attacks on Hassan by Ministers, Kamal Hassan incriminated the AIADMK for the all-pervasive corruption regime.

After being accused several times of not contributing to the causes of Tamil Nadu in December 2015 floods or his disputable silence when Karnataka refused to release Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu, he has been keen on a good social influence. He manifested his stance on issues like Jallikattu, the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Right to Privacy and the brutal murder of Kannada journalist Gauri Lankesh.

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Courtesy: India Today

To read more into his upcoming entry into politics, let us closely analyse the statements he made in a recent interview with India Today.

  1. “I am being careful in what I am going to say so that it does not get embroiled with the violent forces that have now been in politics for quite some time. I am trying to be equipoised and I am not going to show any of my anger which may lead to violence. That’s why the mystery.

Kamal Hassan asserts that he steers clear of the violent forces. Referring to the violent Dravidian forces, this might seem a tactical move as he is known to speak about politics and freedom of arts when his movies face issues associated with the release.

  1. “You told us what democracy means, but we get to call the shots. We are not getting it. We don’t need leaders. We are not sheep. We don’t need to be led. We want people who work for the nation just like who we are.”

So, my argument is how can a government run without leaders or elected representatives? He seems pretty unclear on the last two lines.    

3. “Mr. Panneerselvam is not a friend or a foe. He’s a tool to execute my democratic will. It doesn’t matter, we’ll find another tool much sharper than him if need be. That’s the direction we should take. In the name of equipoise, we can’t get blunter and blunter tools so that we go back to Stone Age.”

Kamal firmly rejects from jumping into the bandwagon of Panneerselvam. If he hates AIADMK so much, why is Mr. Panneerselvam neither his friend nor a foe? At least we know how he democratically handles his mercurial opinions. Certainly not equipoised!

 4On Sasikala being an interloper in corruption case: “They are all there…It’s a conglomeration of corruption. Let’s not pinpoint a lady.”

The pinpoints are deviant. When he condemned AIADMK to be a corrupted conglomerate, how can he not accuse Sasikala? People perpetrated in crime are criminals irrespective of gender.

We have known Hassan for his portrayal of heroism and brilliance in movies but we are yet to find out whether he lives up to the image of Nayakan he massively created once.

Can his gimmicks suffice enough to join a league of demigods worshipped and adored by fans?

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