Will B.Comm In Delhi University No Longer Be A Safe Bet?

There have been few courses and streams that have always been a kind of safety for students in India, something they can always go for in case their desired course is not available.

The commerce stream for students and for college students courses like B.Comm, B.A. English (honours) and such have been the fail safe subjects that one can always go for without any problem.

The commerce stream for that matter is held in even higher regard than the English, since it is just that bit tough than humanities while not being back breaking difficult like the science stream.

B.Comm in Delhi University for college students is another fan favourite, however, it seems that, that might not be the case for much longer.

At least not if DU authorities have anything to say about it.

b.comm in delhi university
Delhi University


Entrance Exam for B.Comm In Delhi University?

Manoj Khanna who is the convener of DU admission committee has spoken about this: “We are planning to conduct entrance exams for admission to B.Com (honours) and BA (programme) for the upcoming academic session. We are ready for this in terms of infrastructure and preparedness. But this needs to be accepted by all statutory bodies.”

The reason for the entrance test is that according to reports a lot of students were losing out on seats in their preferred course because of low scores in their class 12th board examinations.

And while I’m aware that by doing this, DU is taking away that safety net for a lot of students, at the same time I think that a standardized entrance exam for such sought after courses will allow the actually deserving students to get a seat in this course.

Before class 12th marks and the cut-off list would determine who would get admission in which college and which course. Which according to me was not the best way to judge someone capability in a particular subject.

However with a common entrance test for B.Comm, only those who actually want to pursue it and have an interest in it, will be able to get admission.

b.comm in delhi university
The entrance exam for B.Comm might make it difficult for many students applying to the course


But Will It Be Applied Properly?

DU has brought about a variety of changes in its system over the past couple of years, however none have really taken affect and most of them have been ridiculed and the committee has had to role them back due to ineffective application.

My only concern with this entrance test for BA and B.Comm in Delhi University  is the fluctuating nature of DU as a while back it had introduced CATE which was a common entrance test for English courses in DU. But after only a year or two it stopped the test.

Proper implementation of this rule is of utmost importance as otherwise it will be the students who are looking to get a seat in DU who will be affected the most in all the chaos.

Signing off I would say, good decision but only time will tell whether DU is able to carry it off or not.

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