Dear society,

Over the years you have made it your duty to inform every child that they must ace in the subjects taught to them. You tell us to be an all-rounder, but at the same time advise us to take it easy.

‘There’s no pressure’, you say while also telling us the importance of getting good grades. No, I am not a straight “A” student and it is alright to be that way.

What am I going to get by that simple alphabet which you deem to be number one?

Metaphorically speaking, all the other alphabets have the same weightage for, without them you’d have no words. Then why not have the same attitude towards students too?

Our focus has shifted from attaining knowledge to rote learning those formulas and reasonings that we know we will never apply.

‘It broadens the mindset’ you say, as an encouragement for us to focus on learning the matter at hand.

Why don’t my co-curricular achievements weigh the same as my expected academic performance? Why can’t the focus shift from that 90% just for this once?

When did grades become a matter of reputation?

Your expectations are a loaded gun and you aim it at our self-esteem.

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We spend hours talking ourselves into feeling comfortable in our skin and habits but you throw all that progress into the waste bin by saying that we haven’t lived up to what you expected.

Instead of telling us that it’s okay to not get the best grades but to just put in efforts, you show us the rainbow that lies at the end of the rain. But teach us to walk in the rain before the rainbow for the road is slippery then.

Our mental health is your last concern, “your ‘sweat and tears’ will pay off dear”, we’ve heard you say, but what’s the point of the ‘victory’ if we lose ourselves in the process?

We are not okay and you have to realize this. We cannot be the perfect humans you desire us to be. Embrace our faults instead of covering it up during your ‘kitty parties’, shift your focus to our qualities and you’ll see another side of us.

We’re perfect in our little ways and it does not have to surround academic excellence.

The owner of Microsoft was a dropout too you know? At the end of the day, it’s our capabilities that matter and not that alphabet.

Society, I hope you understand this before you destroy the very essence of our youth.

Yours truly,

The Millennials

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