Why There Needs To Be A Ban On Paparazzi Like Yesterday?!

Aahhh… the wonderful wonderful paparazzi. The one source of joy in many millions of people, who bring their favourite stars to their level or even below it by putting out incriminating and even embarrassing moments to the mass public.

We hate them, but we also love the small little glimpses into the life of our favourite celebrity and we especially love to be faced with the fact that they are as human as we are. And that they too can do stupid or just normal crap that we all do in our daily life.

But while everyone else is tittering and giggling over the latest find by the paparazzi, I feel that we are highly underestimating exactly how dangerous and wrong this paparazzi culture has become.

Wait hear me out first, I don’t think all paparazzi is bad, sometimes they are highly useful and needed, but I do think that it is high time there be put certain limitations and restrictions over what these people can and cannot do.


Imagine Your Job Following You Home

Okay so first let us understand exactly why this paparazzi is so bad.

The lack of privacy and the fact that it is essentially your job that is following you home and everywhere else is what I just detest about paparazzi.

So for those of us who are working, we have a pretty sweet system, where we conduct and hold ourselves in a certain manner for a definite amount of time but when we leave the office we are free to do as we please and there would be no judgment or holding back.

However, for celebrities, there is no such thing, as everywhere they go they have their ‘image’ to maintain because if they don’t and end up doing something foolish or embarrassing, then it won’t just be on a small WhatsApp group which only a handful of your friends will see.

Instead, that incident will probably be broadcasted on a national level, with newspapers printing enlarged images, articles on it, videos, and people commenting on it and dissecting every little thing of it.

The sneaky photos of the Kate Middleton and Prince William or our very own Ranbir and Katrina were leaked while they were on a private vacation.

Would you want that to happen to you?

The Common Paparazzi

The smartphone and their HD cameras have made life for celebs even more difficult as they now need to not be wary of just people with those big and giant cameras, they also have to look out for the tiny ones.

The uprise of the common people and social media has allowed for the birth of a completely new kind of paparazzi.

It seems we as fans too are losing all sense of compassion and the idea that these people too deserve a certain amount of privacy.

My main point here is to perhaps ask for some kind of committee or rule or group which actively works towards making sure that the paparazzi does not go overboard and cross the line to being just plain wrong and creepy.

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