Keanu Reeves is perhaps best known for the Matrix trilogy films where he played the lead role of Neo, or more specifically ‘The One’. 

However, for some time there he almost disappeared from mainstream media, with just 1-2 films coming every couple of years. 

Although he still remained in our memories and memes, Reeves was not seen out and about on social media or anywhere else much. 

However, in the past few months, it is like suddenly the internet has woken up once again to the existence of Reeves and decided to declare their love and admiration for the one who took the ‘red pill’. 

This all perhaps ever since the 3rd movie in the John Wick series came out, to amazingly good reviews and earned over $252 million worldwide essentially exceeding the entire gross of the second film in merely 10 days of its release. 

Now with him popping up all over my own social media, I thought to consider some conspiracy theories as to why exactly is that so.

Some examples of his recent and sudden internet popularity:

So why exactly is that so? My 4 theories here: 

Loads Of Keanu Movies Coming Out

Obviously the success of John Wick has to contribute to his popularity rising again, but also the fact that Keanu has been choosing some very interesting projects off late. 

It is not like Reeves was completely out of work, he has been doing at least 1 movie an year even after the Matrix trilogy, but a good majority of them never got mass attention or were panned by critics and audiences, like his recent ones. 

But with him appearing in the Netflix movie ‘Always Be My Maybe’ and being a part of the animated Pixar movie Toy Story 4 as Duke Caboom, that are more mainstream, people are waking up to the fact that he actually exists and are once again finding their love for him. 

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Monday Motivation

It could also be just the nostalgia that millennials and those from the 90s generation are feeling over Reeves. 

Not just that, but he also presents a good example of Monday motivation by showing how age does not and should not matter in the movie industry. 

His recent popularity on social media, could be a kind of a PR move, where they are trying to re-establish him as an actor and show how no longer the concept applies where your career is over if you’re not clicked by paps all the time, being talked about in tabloids, being made up into some controversy, being made famous for divorces or affairs or sex tapes or nude pictures. 

Closer to home, Sushmita Sen herself is doing something similar and trying to reboot her career, even at 43, which is so encouraging to see. 

Age is for sure no bar at all when it comes to talent. 


One conspiracy theory could also be that all this is just a stepping stone for him to get into politics. 

The whole image of him being an amazing and mannerful guy, who is so good to other people, could work in building a good people’s person’s image which might potentially help him in his political career. 

Vote for Keanu 2020? 

Uski Shaadi Karwao

A very far- fetched theory is that Keanu is doing all this to get a girlfriend or a partner. Lol :p! 

Essentially, turning the entire world into his own personal Tinder profile with thousands of people exclaiming how wonderful a guy he is and talking about his traits and good nature. 

Which of my conspiracy theory makes most sense to you? Write away in comments below. :)

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Sources: Business Insider, Forbes

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