Why Are Open Learning Schools Or Correspondence Courses Still Looked Down Upon?

There has been something which has been bothering me for quite some time and after hearing the latest news by DU and how it plans to go digital after the success of its Campus of Open Learning (COL), has been brought to the forefront.

Ok, so let me lay down the actual news which prompted me having to pen down my thoughts on this topic.

Apparently, Delhi University (DU) is planning to go ahead with some new improvements to the online classroom with flip- classrooms and short skill-based courses. Based on the overwhelming response that the COL got, I believe it is actually a pretty good step to take.


Before this we also learnt the Samsung Smart Classes which were equipped with some state-of-the-art technology.

And all this is absolutely freaking great to hear.

But my question and worry is exactly how much weight is all this given out there in the real world?

Okay so before you all come at me with pitchforks over how can I ask such a clichéd question and how we are all past that, just ask yourselves once… are we really?

Beta, Asli College Kab Jaoge?

We are the new generation and unlike our parents or perhaps even before that who literally had a handful of courses and even more limited professional choices, there are unlimited and unrestricted options that can we can go for in this day and age.

Professions and courses that we had never even heard of before are popping up and not just that, but people are actually pursuing these courses and then going on to get paying jobs and such.

But the real question is that does our society and the people around us put the same kind of importance on these courses and understand the gravity of them?

Because to be honest I have not really met someone who seems to take these an open learning school or online classes as real education. They still keep waiting for the student to get over their hobbies and actually do something.

Whether it be your neighbourhood aunty, a relative or even a prospective employer, none of them seem to be very much impressed if you say you are completing an online course.


Open Learning School Have Seen Very Slow But Gradual Ascent

However I do want to point out that doing an online or correspondence course does not automatically mean that you are not smart enough or not worthy enough to be in a ‘real college’.

In fact doing such a course allows one to multitask much better and work on building some extremely useful and good skills that could help you later in your career.

I have seen that among the younger generation there is a growing acceptance and even interest for attending an open learning school.

Signing off I would just like to say that, I only hope that we can move past the olden mindset that believes that education can only come out of a classroom. And face the fact that we as a nation are moving onto a digital path and that includes the way we learn.

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