“What are you doing this weekend?”

This is one question I am tired of hearing.

Biswa: “Tu mujhe bolega ‘Enjoy Yourself’ toh main jaa ke so jayega!”

What is this pressure of hanging out every weekend?

Why should I be made to feel guilty about it?

In normal instances, I get only one day off in a week. I am not saying that one should not explore or hang around. But sometimes, a break is required.

The idiotic part is, that you are labelled a ‘bore’ if you don’t go out every weekend.

Why should enjoyment mean partying or hanging out or boozing around in random pubs? My idea of enjoyment differs from yours. How difficult is that to understand?

Moreover, it often happens sometimes that when you go out with your friends, half the time is spent wondering where to go or rather where to go next. There is no other conversation in between. You only come back home with nothing to reminisce about that day apart from how much money you spent. But the times when you sit down at some place to just chill, that is when you enjoy the most. At least I do.

Do not misconstrued this as saying that going to pubs, amusement parks or eating out with your friends is not enjoyable. Of course, it is and indeed even necessary. But not every god damn weekend!

Moreover, I am a post graduate student, still living off my parent’s money. I don’t wish to spend a lot of bucks on things I can live without easily.

I enjoy my own company every once in a while.  I need to sit down, sip a cup of tea and watch a TV series.

Moreover, you possibly can’t enjoy every single moment of your life. There will be times when your enthusiasm takes a backseat. And trust me, it is okay.

When you pressurize yourself to enjoy, aren’t you defeating the purpose?

The next time any friend asks you about your weekend plans, give them a punch in the face and tell them, “Mah lyf, mah rulzz.”

Okay, don’t tell them that. Else you run the risk of losing them forever.

But one barely gets those days when one doesn’t have to wake up to the sound of an alarm. Ah, sheer bliss!

You take a shower at your own time.
You can catch up with your friends and family about your week. Listen to songs.
You wash clothes that had piled up over the week (even that can be enjoyable, really).
You cook some elaborate meal for yourself and treat yourself with it.
You take the longest time to take a bath.
Or you just sleep through your day.

“Making the most of your time” seems such an overrated expression in those moments.

Of course, you should make the most of your life, but don’t beat yourself up for making it the way others do it.

Do what you deem fit!

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