This Is Why I Stopped Being A Feminist As A Guy

This article was written long back and is being republished again. I no longer possess the same views or ideology.

After so many years of advocating women rights on social networking sites, I finally am relieved from this harrowing debate. Feminism means to bring women at par with men in a male dominated society.

However, there are certain notions of feminism which are being overly interpreted, and therefore, misused.


Let me share some incidents which made me revisit my ideology:

  • A WhatsApp Group Convo


Sometimes this group chat feature feels like the best thing ever and sometimes it annoys you so much that you are on the brink of smashing that costly digital object.

So one evening I was having a WhatsApp group chat. The group had a female majority and it was just like any other day. You know you are not having a good day when you are being continuously mocked by your colleagues and yes I was the victim.

But it was casual as usual. Then came the ugly part. Tapping fast on my keyboard, I wrote, “This is what happens when you are in a group with women majority.” And then hell rose.

After 10-12 heated arguments, I got a reply “Would you teach your little brother that women wearing short clothes are sluts?” Guess what I did next? Controlled my livid self and switched the internet off. It’s not feminism when you view every guy as a sexist or a stalker or a rapist (Sorry for exaggerating).

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  • Free the Nips campaign


God has made men and women different, physically. I’m all for the equal opportunity to men and women. Women should be properly represented in each and every sector. But feminism has gone too far.

The body structure of men and women are different and it does not need any justification. But advocating for the right to go topless in public places is not justifiable. The only reasoning this movement has been able to gather is that if men are allowed to go topless then women should also be. How is this feminism?

Feminism means to bring women at par with men in all dynamic sectors which do not include body structure. Physical appearance cannot be changed and everybody needs to realize that. This movement, in my opinion, is not only stupid but also exaggerated feminism.

  • Men the Forgotten gender


Reading news of men getting falsely framed by women due to biased laws is frustrating and saddening. Yesterday only I read that a certain person spent 7 years in jail on false rape charges because the victim told the name of the criminal as ‘Gopi’ and the alleged person was famously known as ‘Gopi’ in his area.

He lost his everything including wife and children and demanded a compensation of Rs. 200 crore which, of course, won’t be accepted. A men’s rights activist in her Ted talk talked about how women are abusing the laws which were favoured in their direction, how false allegations have made people lose their everything.

Women favoured laws were made for a reason, to bring women at par with men and to grant women special protection. But now it is being misused at a very large level.

Feminism is a good thing. It is for a good purpose. For years, women have been denied proper recognition in the society. Every nation has its separate story of women exploitation. Therefore, feminism is necessary.

But now it has gone too far. The notion and interpretation of feministic views have changed very drastically due to which the sanctity of the word “FEMINISM” is condensed.

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