Let’s face it, Koffee With Karan is everyone’s guilty pleasure. On a routine day, while watching the very recent episode with Sonam Kapoor & siblings, I noticed something very odd with the way the episode was edited.

If you pay enough attention while watching this episode, you’ll notice that it has no close up shots of Rhea Kapoor.

No, I don’t mean to say that she has less screen time, what I mean is that even when she spoke, a close up of Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar or Harshvardhan Kapoor was shown.

Be it when the three of them enter (at 1:44 minutes on Hotstar) or when Karan starts questioning Rhea Kapoor (at 03:58 minutes on Hotstar), you’ll see how the camera shows close-ups of Sonam, Harsh & Karan but whenever Rhea spoke, there was a long shot with all the three siblings in frame.

Koffee With Karan Sonam Kapoor & siblings
A long shot from the recent ‘Koffee With Karan’ Episode with Kapoor siblings

Why does it matter, you ask?

Wait till I tell you the reason behind no close up shots of Rhea Kapoor in this episode.

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So, the Kapoors’ are known for getting shows and interviews edited according to their whims and fancies. The same was pointed out by Karan Johar in this very episode. In fact, this episode is just another example of such editing.

Now, my problem isn’t with the fact that Rhea Kapoor thinks she doesn’t look good in close ups. My problem is that these are the very people who have gone at length to talk about how everyone should be okay in their own skin and how beauty standards are a sham!

Sonam Kapoor had once penned a letter on how even she needs colour correction and how girls shouldn’t be insecure about their looks after seeing the glam world of Instagram.

The Insta post by Sonam Kapoor on how women should be comfortable in their skin that had gone viral

Rhea Kapoor is associated with movies like Veere Di Wedding which are all about women empowerment. Even Harsh has been vocal about how he believes in breaking stereotypical beauty standards.

Even their fashion label ‘Rheson’ carries the social message

In such a case, to hide behind long shots is a very contradictory and hypocritical thing to do for Rhea Kapoor. And to think about the fact that she has Karan Johar and Sonam Kapoor’s support for it, two people who just can’t stop talking about how everyone should be comfortable with themselves, is just worse.

Truth be told, I had always admired Rhea Kapoor and seen her as someone who wasn’t afraid to be herself despite being a celebrity.

But after watching the recent episode of Koffee With Karan, I was disappointed in her for taking the same path as other B-town celebrities who pretend to be all woke online and are completely different people in reality.

This is not all, the video message sent in by Anil Kapoor again highlighted how the B-town itself reinforces beauty standards. Rhea candidly spoke about how her father thought she would just be an actor’s daughter & sister if she entered Bollywood as an actress. She even jokingly exclaimed, “I don’t have guts to look into the mirror.” as a response to one question.

This is nothing but just another example of celebrities disappointing us by running social campaigns in order to sound woke but doing completely opposite of it in real life.

Well, Well, Well. What a Bollywood thing to do, right?

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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