Why I As An Indian American Supported Donald Trump

By An Anonymous Indian American who doesn’t wish to be named

Amidst the brouhaha post the shocking victory of Donald Trump as the 45th American president resulting into a wide array of reactions we’ve recorded the response of an anonymous Indian American who comments in the support of Donald Trump’s victory.

Here’s what she says…

“I suggest the most effective way would be to Google the following to corroborate my stance: –

– Michael Moore on why Trump would and did win

– Peter Theil on why he supports/ defends  Donald Trump

– James Altucher on Trump’s “Nigerian scam” salesman strategy during this political campaign

– WikiLeaks expose on just how crooked the Clintons are

–  Clinton Cash Cow documentary

– Lastly just Google to see what insurmountable evidence is out there about the truth of Hillary Clinton

I would just add that after skimming through the above if you really start looking into Trump’s history/life, you’ll realise that he’s actually a brilliant negotiator, salesman, businessperson, deal maker. 

This political campaign was his masterstroke. And the Clinton campaign, on the other hand, with every strategy of theirs, backfired on them.

I am a good human being and personally do not endorse any of the nasty things Trump said about minorities etc., but I believe that those ridiculous statements made by him were deliberate rhetoric to get the media attention, fool the other side campaign into complacency, and to pull in those voters who were fed up of political correctness. 

Lastly, I want to add, the people of this country were tired of the divisive politics, the growing economic class divide, the rupturing of the middle class, the skyrocketing health insurance, the totally unfair government spending, and rubbish foreign policy and international relations. They don’t care about some “dirty locker room talk”. Their concern is the issues of the economy.

People just get swept by their emotions and forget to think and look beyond. Frankly speaking, do politicians ever really care for the people? No! When do they ever deliver on their campaign speeches/ intent/ policies? Almost never. So that’s that.”


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