Why Choosing Course Over College Is Much Better Than The Other Way Around

College admission is always hectic, and students make the mistake of choosing college over course. Here I tell you why you should choose course over college.

Admission time is fast approaching, cut-offs to DU will be announced soon, entrance exams results will be out, and there will be a flurry of bright-eyed students trying to figure out which way to go.

Especially for those who are looking at DU, the cut-off time is a really hectic one where each day both students and their parents are carefully browsing through the newspaper looking where they can fit in.

In these times, a lot of students make the mistake of choosing college over course.

And I was one of them.

Yes,  I was one of those people who at first chose college over course and got admission in a better college even though the course was not something I wanted to study.

However, by luck, I was able to find admission in the course of my choice, even if the college might not have been as good as the previous one.

Here I tell you why it is so important that you choose course over college:

1. You Have To Study It:

The first point in favour of choosing course over college is not only the most obvious one but also the most practical one, and that is the basic fact that you will be the one who will have to study the course.

Remember 3 years is a long time to study a course that you have little to no interest in. And you could say that the better college would allow you more opportunities and that who studies in college, but keep in mind that you can bunk classes, but you cannot bunk exams.

So if you are ready to not just study, but memorise pages upon pages of a subject you have no interest in, just for the sake of a good college then good luck to you.

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2. The End Result Is The Same:

A lot of you might also think that the stamp of a good college would raise the standing of your resume and make people think highly of you.

But you see, the end stamp will go of Delhi University only, so it doesn’t matter as much as you think, whether you study from Hansraj or Atma Ram Sanatan college, you will be a DU graduate only.

3. Think Of The Future:

See a very simple way to decide which matters more is just to think of the future. Say you are a political science enthusiast and want to work in international relations. But you are getting history or psychology honours in a top DU college, would you take it?

Quite simply picking college over course will do you no favours since college will be over in 3 years but the course you study will stick with you and will eventually decide what profession you go into.

So better take the course of your choice and go into the industry you actually want to work in rather than settle.

4. Don’t Fear Confusion:

Some of you might even say that you are confused as to what you want to do in future so don’t really have a preference for course. In that case sure, picking college over course would better, but even in this case, make sure you have certain combinations ready of good college and course that you would want to pursue.

But also make sure that you do not compromise on your interest fields for the sake of a name.

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