When Someone Tells You To Do Engineering ‘Kyunki Options Khule Rahenge’: Know This

By Tanya Malaiya

This time of the year, loads of parents are in the “aage kya hoga” zone. Out if this, comes the naturally flowing advice, “Beta science/engineering kar lo. Aage options khule rahenge”

One thing I don’t understand is the unhealthy attachment that we have to ‘options’. Why can’t we have be set on one thing, why is it that a safety net is always so important to us?


Well, I followed the advice, I took science/engineering and here’s what I’ve learned:

1. Science/Engineering don’t lead to options, they lead to Science/Engineering

Yup, it is not really like if you take up this stream then you will turn out to be an artist or a musician or even an accountant.

Chances are that you will probably follow in the recommended professions that this stream suggests.

2. If you’re bold enough to direct to another option through science/engineering, you can do it from any field

Listen, if you already know of what you want to do later in your life and it is not related to either science or engineering, then you can do it from that particular field too.

Don’t waste your time and energy on a field that, you are not even going to continue in and are eventually going to leave for your interest field.

3. There is something better than “options”. It’s called “knowing yourself and dedicating yourself entirely to the pursuit of what you want, even if it comes at the price of sweat and tears”

Sure having that safety net might sound nice but most success stories don’t really come with that person having a safety net to land on.

In order to really set yourself apart, you must be ready to follow your passion, to do whatever it takes to succeed in that area. Even if the road might be a bit bumpy, but the end result will probably be worth it.

As for those who do Science/Engineering because “easy life/jobs”, know that this year, some of the country’s biggest recruiters have halved the number of employees they took in. Some have let thousands go.

So there’s really no shortcut anymore. Know what you want, don’t let anyone tell you to do otherwise, and be ready for a lot of dirty work. Eventually, you’ll get more than just “options”.

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