What Makes A Cliched Movie Like Badrinath Ki Dulhania Work?

By Drishya Subramaniam

Waiting in line for popcorn, I was expecting this movie to be another typical Bollywood movie full of drama with a whole lot more drama to top it off.

But boy was I wrong.

Apparently, the posters don’t speak enough. For a person who hoped to have fun to see the typical lines flash across, I had more fun to see the unexpected.

Yes there were cheesy dialogues, yes there was a lot of drama, a lot of comedy, a lot of Bollywood romance but with that a good message on women empowerment.

Surprising how easily they were able to gel in a typical Bollywood movie with a lead female protagonist and a male protagonist who supported women empowerment in the sweetest way possible.

When the movie begins with the location at Jhansi, we know that the place has a major role in the movie as such. The narration at the beginning shown explicitly well, comically communicated how the Indian society fares even nowadays in various towns.

The prejudices that still reside in the minds of people made one wonder and laugh along with the movie. We find ourselves in a male dominant society, where stereotypes about female born still persist. But whether it is a female or a male, the society is still against love marriage. As they show how Badri finds his love and tries to win her heart and get around his father, we see on the other hand sees how Vaidehi with her sister tries to live the life they aspire.

And like any other Bollywood movie the girl isn’t ready to marry the boy, the boy wins her heart and viola parents are interfering to get them married off and running!

While we see the female characters succumb to a “weak hearted” father’s will, it was worthwhile to know there was more to women power in this story than we saw yet.

Apparently, it was a teensy bit melodramatic to see Vaidehi leaving Badri and their families stranded on their wedding day for a job that she recently had an eye on. So apparently women power had to leave trails of drama here and there.

But on the other hand, it was touching to see how the male dominance succumbed, and how Badri’s heart melted away when he saw the heights a woman can attain. With neither family support nor money Vaidehi successfully became a trained air hostess, who not only portrays feminine beauty through her makeover but power when put to test, as seen during a drill.

“Behind every successful man there is a woman.” They most definitely showed how Badri’s sister in law helped his brother through his work and made him successful. And so this movie portrayed how different it is when a woman takes a stand to work be it up front or behind the curtains and shows how varied their life is under the present prejudices.

Badri barely finished his schooling and still wins Vaidehi’s heart over with his innocence; he is a true hero at heart to let his love go down the drain so that the love of his life can reach the stars and beyond.

Yet, women empowerment or not, no Bollywood movie is ever complete without some classy dhamaakedhar songs that absolutely has no play in the whole movie. And yes the climax should have a drunk guy ranting out why his life sucks because no one makes more sense than a drunkard.

To enhance the fact that women empowerment is once again the key motive to make the movie, a classy dialogue of Jhansi had to be made in front of the public and all truths had to be blurted out.

Not to mention that the female protagonist had to show up at the right moment at the right time because Bollywood movies are developed on coincidences, so if not now then when?

Dramas apart it was nice to see a female character inspiring the male protagonist to take a stand and to see her travel miles to come back for her love.

And that my friends, is why I think this movie works. How can we not like a sweet desi love story with a moving stance of women empowerment touch a millions of hearts across India?

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