What If India Had A 25 Year Old PM?

I often hear this statement from my peers and younger relatives, of how nice it would be if there were more youth in politics.

And it is not just them who have said this, I have also seen many debates and discussions on news channels about the need for youth in politics and policy making.

youth in politics.

One thing, though, while the idea is noble and definitely not something to be dismissed, having young people in extremely powerful and authoritarian positions can also prove to be quite harmful and detrimental to the country.

But on the other hand, I also believe it would definitely be interesting to have such a young person in charge of our country. So to give you a sneak peak, here are a few scenarios that could happen if we had a 25-year-old PM of India.

1. Nayak 2.0:

Nayak would definitely be the homework of that person, and their tribute to this movie would not just be limited to Anil Kapoor-isque suits, but even in how they deal with the issues they will face.

youth in politics.

I can almost say with guarantee that a 25-year-old PM would greatly emulate what happened in Nayak and hope that they too will be able to do the same as Anil Kapoor’s character did.

Shame, but life is not exactly a movie, is it?

2. Breakup Ho Gaya, To We Are Gone Too:

Okay, first off at 25 no one is really in a hurry to get married off, matlab career banana hai and whatnot.

So most probably the PM will have a girlfriend or boyfriend and all will be hunky dory until it isn’t anymore.

I mean, just think, breakup or a nasty fight will probably bring the entire nation to a standstill.

The country would be divided into sections, of those who support the PM, those who support their partner, and those who literally do not give a single fuxx at all.

3. Naak Pe Gussa:

Do you really think a 25-year-old would be able to carry on a diplomatic conversation with representatives of another country?

Even more so, if the other country said something wrong about India, or refused to agree to the negotiation terms?

This is coming from someone of that age bracket only, and trust me, it doesn’t take much to anger us, least of all when encountered with stupid people who cannot get the basic common sense.

4. Easy To Manipulate and Vulnerable:

This scenario is not just probable but even scary in how true it could be if such a young person became our PM.

Because of lack of experience and no clue of how the world of politics works, a young PM would be incredibly susceptible to manipulation and vulnerable to influence.

They can very easily be taken advantage of and could end up making deals that could land India in a world of trouble.

So, as much as I want more youth in politics, I don’t think we should be thinking of putting such a young person in charge of the country.

First, let them get acclimated to the world of politics and rise from local positions and then eventually climb their way to the top.

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