Hitler was and remains to be, one of the most hated man on this planet Earth. Unless of course, as per recent events and circumstances someone else comes along and takes his place by doing even worse things.

But his role in the mass genocide of millions and millions of innocent Jews in a crazed but systematic manner remains to be one of the lowest points that humanity has gone to.

His life and everything little detail about it has been studied, researched, opined, discussed, debated and what not to exhaustion. People for years have tried to get into his head and understand what could make a man go to such lengths of cruelty and still call it as doing something ‘good’.

However, what has not really been written or discussed about as much is the topic of his family. What happened to them? What happened to his brothers and sisters, his wife, any children he might have had and more after the World War II.

Did Hitler Have Any Siblings?

Hitler, born in April 1889 was the 4th child out of 6 to his father Alois Hitler and his third wife Klara Plolzl. While 3 of his siblings died in their infancy only, Hitler had 2 other siblings from his father 2nd marriage, Alois Jr. and Angela.

hitler's family

One of his young brother Edmund had died of measles in 1900 which left a deep impact on Hitler and changed his personality drastically.

The younger sister of Hitler, Paula Hitler and one of the last surviving member of his family is reported to have died in 1960.

hitler's family

Hitler was known to live a celibate life, supposedly so that he could give all his attention to his country, something which appealed to his supporters. But he did have a longtime lover named Eva Braun whom he met sometime around 1929.

He had a short marriage, barely 1 day, to her before they killed themselves on 30th April 1945. Hitler shot himself while Braun took a cyanide capsule. They got married on 29th April.

hitler's family

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Because of this, Hitler had no children of his own and thus no living descendants to speak of.

But he does have a few grandnephews, one being from his elder half-sister Angela Hitler named Leo Raubal, whom Hitler was fond of. Leo served in the Luftwaffe and was captured by the Soviets in 1943. Leo spent around 12 years in jail and was released in 1955.

One of Hitler’s nephew, William Patric and supposedly hated his uncle. After trying to blackmail him by threatening to reveal shameful family secrets, he left for the US in 1939, wherein he even served in the US Navy during World War II as a Pharmacist’s Mate.

He received a Purple Heart for his services, changed his name to Stuart-Houston, got married and set up a laboratory analyzing blood samples for hospitals.

hitler's family

Stuart aka William died at the 76 in 1987 and had 4 sons in Long Island. His sons apart from Howard, who died because of a car accident in 1989, are still alive. As per an article done by New York Times, all 3 brothers have made a pact to not have any children, and live normal middle-class lives with 2 of the brothers choosing to live together.

Louis, Brian, and Alexander are the last living members of Hitler’s paternal bloodline.

Apart from this, there is rumour that Hitler might have father one Jean-Marie Loret from an affair with a Frenchwoman named Charlotte Lobjoie. Loret supposedly born in 1918, died in 1985 at the age of 67. His paternity though is highly unlikely and even impossible to be proven as stated by several historians and more.

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