Welcome These New Emojis to Your Keyboard: Find Out How and When

It is not much of a big deal to show my bitch face in the real world. Unfortunately, I can’t do the same on any of the social media platform.. It is either ‘rude’ or some others are like, “Kya hua?”

But here’s Unicode 9.0 to the rescue! It has been announced that 72 more emojis are to be added to the keyboards!

So what have we got now?

All that I ever wanted.. From ROFL to sneezing face and from a male dancer to shrugs, I can even find the man of my dreams in a tux or maybe this Christmas it will be Mother Christmas coming give me presents!

Wishing for luck? You’ve got the crossed fingers emoji! And for foodies.. The platter is spread out folks! Croissants, pancakes, kebabs, shawarma.. Oh.. Did I make you drool? You’ve got the drooling face too!

There are times when I want to give someone a fist bump but this 👊 ; seems more like a punch in the face. Hence we’ve got fist bumps with both hands, no partiality  lefties!

Now what if you want to have a best selfie of the year competition? There you go, you’ve got a selfie hand and medals for the best one..

The face palm emoji is what my damsel in disguise is. Else who’s gonna come to my aid when someone bombards the group chat with their amazingly “funny” jokes.. And for someone who had newly got a nose job done, Pinocchio is here to serve you.


Check out the other emojis that will release this year on June 21st  here.

While only 72 of 77 are scheduled for this year, there are others coming out in June 2017 which includes my personal favourite.  The single eyebrow lift.

Though it has been scheduled for it’s release, we will have to wait for a software update before we get it on our keyboards.

Can’t wait till then!!

Media courtesy : Emojipedia, techcrunch.com


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