We LivED It! The Best Speed Reading App Spreeder Is Here

Speed Reading has been much talked about since psychologists have identified that with time, a person can be conditioned to read at least twice as fast as his normal speed. My research on the topic led me to this innovative speed reading portal, Spreeder, which can be used as a device to increase reading speed.

The average reading speed of a person is 200 wpm (words per minute), with a comprehension of 60 per cent. While the highest reading speed is more than 1000 wpm with a comprehension of 85 per cent, only 1 per cent of the population falls in this category.

The home page is a well-designed introductory page that has all the features in one place, thus making it easy to surf through the website.

On logging in, you can customize the settings to inculcate your current reading speed and your target reading speed. A Chrome extension lets you read any page with Spreeder. (on the bookmarks bar)



You can also customize the number of words, group of words, lines and the background on which you want to practice.


It also acts as an online storage system for your books and reading material. 


Finally, it enables you to view your progress of the same day and over the previous days with detailed content on each aspect.


Liv’ED It Score Card:

Concept 4
User Interface 4
Features 3.5

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