We all wait for that one time of the year of festivities and celebrations when we can keep life on the backburner and revitalise ourselves. Every October for three days, magic is swept over BITS Pilani, Goa Campus as it’s annual cultural fest Waves is celebrated.

A prominent celebration of life, it attracts international artists of Diego Miranda’s ilk. The events are scattered throughout the three days like fairy dust, and even sacrificing sleep for the entire 72 hours doesn’t guarantee that you won’t miss something breathtaking and memorable.

This year, the Waves theme has acknowledged that magic comes in two shades, and beckons you to Embrace the Shadows. Should you not be already convinced, here are some pretty big reasons why you should be keeping your calendar free from 26 to 28 October 2018.

The Dark Arts

With Searock, Natyanjali and Fash P, there are a plethora of opportunities to introduce yourself to the best rock bands, alluring dance performances, and suede fashion parades. The Mr. and

Ms. Waves is one of the biggest event of the fest, with people eagerly biting their nails to see who would take the crown this year. Practice the mystic arts, and maybe this year it could be you!

Enchanting Nights

All major events pause in the night to make way for the big-ticket Waves Nights. The typical assortment includes Orientation on Day 0 (the 25th), English Night on Day 1, DJ Night next and finally a Hindi Night – an order which might vary from year to year, but each year the standard is maintained high.

The performers are well-known artists, who always succeed in enthralling the audience and can leave even Grumpy the Dwarf all smiles.

National-level Events

You’ve probably heard of Waves as early as five months before the date. That’s because of the regional sweep of some major events, like Searock, slam poetry competition InVerse, comedy event Show Me The Funny and DJing challenge Spinoff.

The finals of these events take place in Goa and you can be sure those performers have earned their place. The well-organised and publicised regionals provide opportunities for lots of people to shine.

Carnival Atmosphere

Waves, quite symbolically, arrives on campus as the food trucks park and set up shop before Day 1. When you’re not being mesmerised with artistic vision, you’re being taken on a roller coaster ride of your taste buds with the choicest delicacies offered by the food stalls.

Want to eat outrageous amounts of food without losing weight from your wallet? Participate in the flagship hog-a-thon competition! Who knew eating could win you prizes? Once you’re done eating, make way to the adventure zone to shed those extra calories!

Whether you’re an avid party-goer or a quiet introvert, Waves makes sure there’s an event for you. With literary events, paintings and craft completions, trivia quizzes, a renowned debate tournament, dance competitions, music performances, and stellar nights, what is there to not like? Drop the sugary goodness, and join us to Embrace the Shadows.

Think you have a dark side?

Head over to www.bit waves.org and register for Waves 2018 today.

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